With Phillies’ playoff charge fading, whose jobs are in jeopardy?

The Phillies dropped another series, this time at the hands of the San Francisco Giants. Only, this loss was a four-game series whooping that not only dropped the Phillies out of the last wild card spot but allowed the surging Mets to take over 3rd place in the division. The start of the season that had so much problem is in the rearview mirror as the Phillies continue to tailspin.

The Phillies are 3-7 in their last ten games. The road ahead doesn’t get any easier as they prepare to play the Cubs, Padres, and Red Sox. The question all Phillies fans are asking ourselves is “what comes next?”

Kapler’s Future

Alex Rodriguez absolutely ripped Kapler on last night’s ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Telecast. After Nick Pivetta grooved a 3-1 fastball that Kevin Pillar turned into a go-ahead triple, A-rod had some not so kind words for Kapler. “And there’s no need for the hot Pillar to get a pitch this good in this situation. Walk him. Pitch to Crawford. That’s a mistake by Gabe Kapler. And now you walk Crawford and now you get to face Panda. Careless managing. Even more careless pitching for the Phillies.”

A-rod is not wrong. Kapler all too often has made decisions based on what the numbers say. It seems as though he has no feel of the game. So the question has to be raised, is his job in jeopardy? The short answer is that I don’t think so. The front office appears to be loyal to Kapler. There is no reason to dispute that as Jon Middleton has already made the mistake of extending the underperforming Matt Klentak. Phillies fans are growing restless.

The main problem I have with Kapler is that he fails to see what is right in front of him. Kapler fails to see that he as the manager needs to act and cut ties with some of his coaches. Kapler mentality where he seems to think they can just work harder and the ship will right itself shows just how disconnected he is. Maybe it’s time for the change. Is Joe Girardi still available?

John Mallee and Chris Young’s jobs should be in jeopardy.

John Mallee’s hitting philosophy is just not making sense. The Phillies want to get into the bullpen by making the starter throw more pitches. I had a friend of mine, who pitched in the Phillies’ minor league system, ask me if this made sense? To him it didn’t, thinking that if you continue to hit the ball, the opposition will take out the starter thus getting the Phillies to their desired result of getting into the bullpen. I agree wholeheartedly. Also how often do we see the Phillies hitters look at the grooved 94 MPH fastball, end up deep in the count only to strike out on a two-strike breaking ball? I would like to see Mallee replaced by a Charlie Manuel-style hitting coach.

There is no doubt that Chris Young is over his head. In his first coaching job, Kapler promoted the former scout to pitching coach of a staff riddled with underperformers and injuries. The Late Great Johnny Podres couldn’t get this staff pitching well. However, Young isn’t getting the most out of his pitchers. Whether it is coaching, lack of talent or a combination of the two, something needs to be done. The fact is the Phillies had a pitching coach in Rick Kranitz, who is now the Braves pitching coach. Did Kapler make the change due to his love of all things analytic?

It is time for the Phillies fans to get this winning tradition back. Someone needs to step up and be a leader in the clubhouse, and the front office and give us back winning baseball.

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5 thoughts on “With Phillies’ playoff charge fading, whose jobs are in jeopardy?

  1. I was at the Friday night debacle with the Braves. Arietta was starting the fifth inning at the time I think the Phils were down by one run. Everyone knows Arietta can’t get past 4 innings and here we were in the fifth inning. The Braves had second and third with nobody out. My grandson and I were looking at the bullpen area. Nobody was warming. Of course by the time the manager removed Arietta the Braves led by 4 runs. That was the game when the Phils trailed by 4 runs, They had first and second with no one out and Kapler let’s the pitcher hit. He is telling the braves he gave up. The only time I have ever seen that kind of thing is in blowouts when a position player pitches but never under those circumstances. Just disgusting. Send Kapler to the minors just like any other player who isn’t ready for the bigs.

    1. It looks like they chose the right man to set him straight. Uncle Charlie is back to fix the hitting. Do you think Charlie will sit quietly when Gabe is thinking of giving up? Good stuff either way. Thanks for reading my article. RING THE BELL

  2. Gabe Kapler has not been a manager at all. Maybe his analytics could be useful somewhere in the organization but certainly not on the playing field. His players have under achieved under his leadership. His decisions as a manager have not just been head scratching but have been really bad. The only consistency in his starting lineups have been no consistency at all. The Phillies management is a disaster. Perhaps Matt Klentak should look at the New York Mets who didn’t give up on the season. The pitching problem was already obvious in early June but nothing was done. I’m sure there is some appreciation to Mr. Middleton for improvements he tried to make in the off season. But please don’t turn your back on the problem you have right now. Without some management changes I think you will see ticket sales go in the other direction in 2020.

    1. Real good stuff Greg. His feel of the game is not existent. And I agree Klentak didn’t address the right issue. now what? minors have a few pitchers who are not close to helping. Thanks for reading.

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