Washington Valor at Philadelphia Soul: Game 2 of the AFL Playoffs Recap

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Philly Sports Network’s David Malandra, along with myself, had the opportunity to get thoughts from the Philadelphia Soul head coach, Clint Dolezel, after the game. In speaking about the defensive line pressure in the last two games on Arvell Nelson, he discussed that there is a different philosophy against the Albany Empire and attacking Tommy Grady:

“We know Grady’s not rushing anywhere. He’s going to be sitting right in that pocket. If anything, he’s going to go backward instead of forward. The gameplan always changes and we know we can’t give up one play and done against Albany with their big offensive line. We can’t have them fresh in that second half.”

Clint Dolezel emphasizes getting the defensive line jumping off the ball in the first half against the Albany Empire to allow the Philadelphia Soul secondary the opportunity to make plays in the second half of the game. Sean Daniels and Malik Forrester have been consistent in containing Arvell Nelson in the AFL playoffs. Dolezel also commented on the feeling of clinching the ArenaBowl 32 berth in Philadelphia, “I would always want to play at home second, so if you do clinch, it’s in front of your crowd because they deserve it. We had great crowds all year long.”

Philadelphia Soul wide receiver Aaron Wascha also returned into the lineup on a trial amount of snaps. Clint Dolezel explained, “we wanted to give him some playing time and make sure he was totally healthy before we went into the ArenaBowl. I didn’t want him to go in the ArenaBowl, some reason he wasn’t ready, goes down on the third play, and now I’m out a player. I wanted to see him with some action this week.” Dan Raudabaugh also commented, “it was good to see him out there. If anyone has the drive, the will, and the fight, it’s Aaron Wascha.”

The fired-up quarterback of the Philadelphia Soul explained the approach of his team heading into ArenaBowl 32. Dan Raudabaugh wisely explained, “it’ll be big, but there is no pressure on us. It’s all on them. They haven’t won one. Their guys don’t have that going for them. They had a great season, it’s in their place, they’re hosting it. There is no pressure on us. We’re going to go there with our ears pinned back and high flying.”

“Coach and I have been to five out of the last eight of them. We like having that experience. We got some mud on the tires, it’s a good thing. We’ll be able to use that and teach the rookies. I don’t want them to go in and think that this is anything different than just a football game. The reward is much greater than a typical football game, but if you go out and treat it anything different than your job, you might put too much pressure on yourself.” Dan Raudabaugh said this about his experience in past ArenaBowls with Clint Dolezel. The last time Albany Empire head coach, Rob Keefe, was in an ArenaBowl was with the Spokane Shock in 2010.

This Sunday, August 11th is ArenaBowl 32 on ESPN 2. Kickoff is at 8pm. Listen to the game live on 97.5FM The Fanatic! Below is the video recap from David Malandra of the Philadelphia Soul’s win against the Washington Valor to clinch their spot in ArenaBowl 32.