The Phillies ‘big three’ need to be better with runners in scoring position


The Phillies continue to muddle through this season with spotty hitting and subpar pitching. When the Phillies’ bats are on, they are dynamic. One of the best lineups in the league, you could argue, but they struggle all too often, striking out on average 8.79 times per game.

The Phillies’ success is tied directly to their big three hitters, Rhys Hoskins, Bryce Harper, and J.T. Realmuto. These hitters are who need to step up and carry the team. Last night in Arizona, for instance, the team went 2 for 17 with RISP, these three went 0-10. The Phillies depend on these three to drive in runs.

The Phillies are 21st in the league with a .255 average with RISP. Hoskins and Realmuto are both hitting a measly .239 with RISP. Harper is doing the best out of the big 3 batting .368 with RISP.

The Need to figure this out

I can’t explain this. Last night the Phillies had 15 hits, but couldn’t deliver when needed. This seems to be an ongoing phenomenon with this team. In their last five games, the Phillies as a team are 8 for 50 with RISP. That’s a .160 average.

Phillies Manager Gabe Kapler feels as though the guys are putting too much pressure on themselves. He suggests that the Phillies are trying to drive the ball too much when maybe the better play is to put the ball in play.

Based on the swings the Phillies are taking, I agree with Kapler. I see that they are trying to hit the ball hard, however, the Phillies also look at too many pitches. I would love to see them drive that first pitch into the outfield. It feels as though Phillies hitters watch that beautiful belt-high fastball go past them for a called strike one too often. All too often they are getting two strikes on them and swinging over the breaking ball.

Fifteen hits last night and a key errors gave the Phillies the chances they needed. Now it is time for them to step up and drive in the runs. The Phillies are still a half-game up on the Cardinals for the last wild-card spot. Imagine how good they will be when Haskins and Realmuto start driving in runs. Let’s go!

 Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports