Instant analysis: Sixers may have found hidden value in signing Trey Burke


The push to solidify the bench continues for the Sixers, with reports citing that Philadelphia is signing backup point guard Trey Burke.

This move is an interesting one as there could be some real value here. Although his career has seen plenty of highs and lows, his stint with the New York Knicks and shooting development one year later could hold a lot of weight.

Burke played in 36 games for the Nicks two years ago, averaging 21.8 minutes which mostly came off the bench and he was stunningly efficient. Averaging 12.7 points, 4.7 assists and 2 boards, while shooting a red-hot 50% from the floor. He was one of the lone bright spots for the Knicks that year.

After being traded to Dallas, his shooting efficiency spiked. Sinking 46.3% of three-point attempts in 25 games, Burke proved any neigh sayers wrong by showing he can become a primary scoring option off the bench.

The Sixers need shooting stability and they may find some depth with Burke, who has hit over 40% of catch-and-shoot attempts in three of his last four seasons.

If Philly can continue to work on refining his shot, they may have a very appealing point guard who can step into a game late and ensure the offense doesn’t come to a grinding halt once the stars leave the floor, something that happened all too often last year. It’s hard to judge the move too intricately without seeing the contract details, but the initial reaction can only be positive.