Are the Eagles ready to become the NFL’s next dynasty?

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For the last 17 years, the NFL has seen one team at the forefront of it all. The New England Patriots have become the NFL’s definition of a dynasty. They’ve won 6 NFL titles since the beginning of the Brady-Belichick era but fortunately for you, that’s not why we’re here right now.

If you recall, the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles were a very dominant team from beginning to end that year. Game in and game out they showed a pure dominance that was so brilliant, they even dared themselves to win a Super Bowl with their backup quarterback.

Now here is where my theory will throw off most folks, last year was a bit of a tough season. Injuries continued to pile up, question marks started to surround the franchise QB but even so, the team managed to almost run it back to the NFC Championship game. Which leaves us here, it’s July 8th and the energy surrounding this team seems ready to explode. The Birds’ franchise QB is finally healthy, the once outcast DeSean Jackson has returned and the culture is thriving in South Philly.

There is a resemblance that this Eagles organization share with the Patriots. It’s one that isn’t very common in this era of the NFL, which is why the Patriots have been so dominant. That common piece that both franchises share is surrounded by the culture that both coaches have built. See, in New England, Bill Belichick only has to run moves by one person, which is his boss, the team’s owner, Robert Kraft. In Philly, there’s a different system. All three layers of this organization are in sync. From owner Jeffrey Lurie to the highly thought of GM Howie Roseman and down to Head Coach Doug Pederson.

What these three individuals have done so well is create a culture built on common morals. Lurie isn’t your regular owner, he prefers to be out of the spotlight while his team shines. Howie Roseman isn’t your typical GM, he’s daring to attempt any possible move as long as its benefits the team. Doug Pederson is a man of the players. His players trust him, they’ll fight until the bitter end for their head coach because they believe and know he’ll do the same.

In this current offseason, the Eagles have flown very well under the radar, almost camouflaging themselves into an irrelevant status. While the world has been ignoring their progress, they’ve been gearing up for a run that can not only lead to a second Super Bowl title but more after that. Yes, the team does not have the youngest crop of superstar athletes but they do have a culture that many veterans have craved to be a part of which has led to countless one-year pickups late in their offseason.

Throughout the roster though, you will find the correct established pieces. They have the franchise QB who’s hunger will elevate them, they have a very well established offensive line, their defensive line is also a great mixture of young talent with veteran greats. Their wideouts also thrive off of the same formula as does the majority of their positions.

All in all the idea is very hard to ignore. Everything they need to become the NFL’s new standard or dynasty is right there for them. Barring any freak injuries to essential players, I can’t say that I see any other team in the position that I see the Eagles in. Not even remotely close. The Chiefs as a question mark because their inconsistency in the playoffs, the Saints QB is almost on his way out, the Rams are still trying to sell themselves on Jared Goff as are the Bears with Mitch Trubisky. Who’s really built for such an expectation other than the Eagles? There’s almost a counter argument for every other team in the NFL.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what about Carson’s health? Here’s how I’m going to convince you that he should be the least of your concerns. You know that feeling you just felt when asking that question? The feeling that makes you feel ashamed for even asking that. That feeling that tells you, He’s going to show out again. This time it’s going to be for good. I truly believe that Carson will put the injuries behind him this year and have a tremendous campaign and let’s be honest, so do you.

This season will be a defining one for this franchise. It’s going to show the organization the real direction this team will be heading in for the next 5 years. If I’m right, then Philadelphia is going to be in for an amazing run. If I’m wrong, well let’s just hope that I’m not.