Phillies’ pitchers are on historically bad pace this season


The only fireworks that the Phillies were setting off on Jully 4th were off of the bats of the Atlanta Braves. Zach Eflin allowed 2, as did Edgar Garcia. Austin Davis joined the party with 1 after being recalled from AAA.

Those 5 home runs put the Phillies at 150 given up in just 87 games this season. To put that into perspective, the 2018 Phillies gave up 171 homers the entire year. They’re on pace to give up 277 home runs this season.

That would smash the 2017 Phillies record of 221 home runs allowed and would even eclipse the 2016 Reds as worse all time…by 19 round-trippers.

It has been well-noted how there has been a spike in home runs in 2019. The Braves, Yankees, Dodgers, Brewers, Mariners, and Twins all have hit over 140 home runs this season with the Twins leading the way with 161. That would put each of those teams at a pace for about 300 home runs this season. The National League record is 249 and the American League/MLB record is 267.

The Phillies have been one of the hardest hit by this rise in home runs, but haven’t even had the worst of it. The Baltimore Orioles pitching staff has given up 168 homers. The Mariners are just 1 behind the Phils at 149 and the Angels have 142.

All of the Phillies starters have given up at least 12 home runs this season. That includes Pivetta, Eickhoff, and Velasquez who have only started a total of 30 games. There are only 3 relievers who haven’t given up a home run this season; Tommy Hunter (who just came back from the IL), Sean Rodriguez and Aaron Altherr.

The Phillies have fallen to third place in the NL East behind the surging Nationals. There is no backup in AAA. Either the Phillies go out and get someone or hope for a turnaround.

Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports