Flyers 2019 Draft Profiles: Cole Brady Is Like A Hulk Between The Pipes

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Want a hidden gem that the Flyers could draft with one of their last draft picks? Cole Brady is that player, and he now finds himself on the cusp of being drafted into the NHL. Brady looks like a beast, as he stands between the pipes at 6’5.” He has been playing hockey practically since he was born, as he hails from Pickering, ON, CAN, which turns out to be a great hockey town,

Yea I think everyone is taking it step by step right now. It’s always been a dream of mine to play in the NHL. It’s something you work towards, so I’m taking it step by step.”

Brady continues, “I love Chicken Alfredo (Laughing), I love eating that on the road.”

This young stud is 18-years-old, and boy does he play positionally sound between the pipes. To be quite honest, his hockey skills rank off the charts, and he just has a knack of stopping the puck. Believe it or not, Brady is an exceptional skater, and he moves post-to-post nicely. He reminds me a lot of Tim Thomas, as he stops puck after puck. Brady is a ball of energy, and he never quits on a play. All in all, Brady possesses all the tools to succeed in the NHL, and better yet he would be a steal for a team that drafts him.

“I’m a positional Goaltender. I have a big frame standing at 6’5,” so I try to use that to the best of my ability,” Brady exclaims,“I’m a calm skater in the net, and I really use my size if I have to. I like to use my athletic ability to the best of my ability.”

The young stud continues,“I like to stay calm, and cool in the net…Carter Hart, what a great Goaltender”

Brady has really matured into a solid Goaltender. He’s well composed between the pipes, and remains very calm. Brady uses his glove to make save after save, and he looks like a Hulk in net. Moreover, he’s like a magician on skates, as he makes some saves that are just crazy to make.

His parents have helped him evolve into the player he is today, and person for that matter, “My parents are my role models. They put me and my brothers before them, and they help keep me grounded. They make sure we’re taken care of, and I take pride in that.”

This young stud in Brady was born February 12, 2001, and this was a day a star was born. He found a passion, and a love for the sport of hockey mainly from the time he was born. Brady is learning the game proper way, and he takes nothing for granted.

Who says a late round draft pick won’t work out? Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick, Oskar Lindblom was drafted in the 5th round, Henrik Zetterberg was drafted in the 7th round, Luc Robitaille was drafted in the 9th round, and Theo Fleury was drafted in the 8th round. Now and days any player can have successful careers, regardless of where they are drafted. The world of sports has changed so much over the years, thus making this possible.

This 18-year-old young prospect in Brady knew the importance of just having fun, and building confidence for the new season. Brady worked hard in the off-season, and he was able to improve his game tremendously for the 2018-19 season. In his first season for the Janesville Jets, he registered a 2.79 GAA, and a .912 Save Percentage in 43 games played. Brady seemed to thrive in the NAHL, and he appeared to have a lot of confidence.

Brady is a player that can flat-out stop the puck. He stands like a hulk between the pipes, and Brady could be quite a steal for an NHL team. Brady will evolve into an NHL mainstay, and his effort and dedication for the sport of hockey have led him to the cusp of being drafted into the NHL. Brady is currently ranked #9 by NHL Central Scouting for North American Goaltenders, so maybe he falls to the Flyers in Round 6 or 7. He leaves us with this unique message:

Just there getting a competitor, a guy that works his butt off every single night to make the team win. I hate to lose, a guy that’s going to give them 100% every single night.”

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