The Sixers Free Agent Guessing Game


With the Sixers having so many free agents on their roster, I thought it would be interesting to play a guessing game. Who doesn’t love a good guessing game right? I’ll predict whether the Sixers bring back their free agents or not as well as potential landing spots for them. So, let’s get right into it.

Jimmy Butler

Returns or Goner: Returns

Aside from Joel Embiid, there wasn’t a single more impactful player in the Sixers postseason run than Jimmy Butler. His elite two-way play and ability to take over in the fourth quarters of games was huge for them all season long. Bringing back Butler, which according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, they plan on doing, should be the Sixers number one offseason priority.

Tobias Harris

Returns or Goner: Goner

Getting Tobias Harris cost the Sixers a lot. They gave up Landry Shamet, 2 1st round picks and 2 second round picks along with Wilson Chandler and Mike Muscala. That’s a steeper price than what the Sixers gave up for Jimmy Butler who, no offense to Harris, is the better player between the two.

While Harris wasn’t the perfect fit that the Sixers imagined when they traded for him, he was still a decent one. His spot up shooting and ability to create off the dribble fit well next to Embiid and Simmons but Harris is capable of so much more, as we saw him average 20.9 points with the Clippers before joining the Sixers.

Harris knows this as well, which is why he’ll seek a bigger role wherever he goes next. He’s expected to have potential suitors in the Mavericks, Jazz, Pacers, Kings and Nets. It would be hard for Harris to turn down a 5-year max contract offer from the Sixers but if they don’t, he’ll most likely find himself on the search for a new home.

The Jazz, who could offer Harris a four year max, are the most enticing of the lot. He’d be a great complement to Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert would help mask his defensive deficiencies. He’d be the second option, at times even the first, as well as be a part of a competitive atmosphere. It’s everything that he wants.

Landing Spot: Utah Jazz

Boban Marjanovic

Returns or Goner: Goner

Who doesn’t love Boban? Seriously, anyone? The 7’3 giant may look intimidating but he is such a fun guy to be around on and off the court. Unfortunately for Boban, being a fun guy isn’t enough for the Sixers to bring him back.

He was unplayable in the Sixers series against the Raptors due to Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol’s ability to stretch the floor. He can’t really defend in space or provide much on the offensive end. Aside from the unreal looking rebounds and putbacks, Boban isn’t good for much else. He’s simply too much of a defensive liability when the game slows down.

Landing Spot: Utah Jazz  (there are better landing spots for him but the NBA knows better than to split up the Bobi and Tobi show)

J.J Redick

Returns or Goner: Return

This is a list of predictions, not what I think the Sixes should do. If that were the case, Redick would be a goner. Since this is my prediction, I’ll list him as a returnee.

Redick is as good of a marksman as they come. His defense, however, leaves much to be desired. Opposing teams often attack Redick because of his lack of size and lateral quickness (ex: Celtics). The Sixers probably recognize this too which is why they’ll likely seek a two-way shooter to replace Redick in the starting lineup, such as Wesley Matthews or Danny Green. Redick would be better utilized in a sixth man role, where he can come off the bench and provide instant offense for the team.

Redick is too well liked and has built some fantastic chemistry with Joel Embiid for the organization to not bring him back.

T.J. McConnell

Return or Goner: Goner

From the moment he arrived in Philly, McConnell has been a fan favorite. He embodies the grit and hustle that is the city of Philadelphia.

McConnell is an efficient floor general and scrappy defender. Brett Brown loves him and he’s a very supportive teammate. Yet his tendency to not take open 3s makes him hard to play next to Simmons and Embiid. The Sixers need a backup point guard who isn’t afraid to take jumpers.

The Suns, who were rumored to have interest in McConnell last season, would be a great fit for him. The team could use a playmaker like McConnell to pair next to Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton until they find their eventual point guard of the future.

Landing Spot: Phoenix Suns

Mike Scott

Return or Goner: Return

Mike Scott Hive. Enough said.

Amir Johnson

Return or Goner: Goner

Amir Johnson has spent the previous two seasons with the Sixers. He signed on to be a veteran presence for the young Sixers core as they continued to grow and mature. Johnson served his purpose. A highly respected veteran such as himself should have no problem finding a team that could use his services.

Landing Spot: Golden State Warriors

Greg Monroe

Return or Goner: Goner

The Greg Monroe signing never made much sense in the first place. The Sixers already had 2 backup centers who couldn’t spread the floor or defend in space in Boban Marjanovic and Amir Johnson. Bringing another slow and old school center into the mix was weird to say the least. Although he had some decent playoff minutes, the Sixers most likely won’t look to retain his services again.

Landing Spot: Oklahoma City Thunder

James Ennis

Return or Goner: Goner

James Ennis was huge for the Sixers in the playoffs. He was hitting big shots and grabbing some timely rebounds. His spark off the bench really energized the team when they needed it most. His effort didn’t go unnoticed and teams will offer him more than the Sixers may be willing to pay.

Landing Spot: Los Angeles Lakers

Furkan Korkmaz

Return or Goner: Goner

This is an easy one. With the Sixers not picking up his third year option and him not managing to crack the rotation, Furkan Korkmaz will try to find more opportunity with another squad.

Landing Spot: San Antonio Spurs