Offer Sheet v. Trade: How do the Flyers acquire Jacob Trouba

‘Tis the offseason, folks. Welcome to the land of rumors, speculation, and a whole lot of “what ifs.” Logic doesn’t always rule at this time of year, but we can dream, can’t we?

In the spirit of dreaming, let’s talk about a player on the radar of the Philadelphia Flyers and their General Manager, Chuck Fletcher. That player is right-handed defenseman Jacob Trouba. Trouba has somewhat fallen out of favor in Winnipeg, and just in time for his contract to expire. Trouba is a restricted free agent but is attracting a lot of suitors, considering Winnipeg may have to pony up a pretty penny to keep fellow RFA Patrick Laine in a Jets sweater.

So, the question on every fan’s mind: What’s it gonna take to get Trouba in orange and black? On the surface, it’s simple. Either Fletcher can extend an offer sheet, or reach out to Winnipeg’s General Manager, Kevin Cheveldayoff, and work out a deal for his negotiating rights, somewhat similar to what Fletcher did with Kevin Hayes. Digging a bit deeper, it gets more and more complicated.

With an offer sheet, the Flyers wouldn’t have to give up any roster players, which is good considering the mindset of Paul Holmgren and Chuck Fletcher, wanting to win now. On the other hand, the Flyers could be risking depleting their draft picks.

The way the RFA compensation breaks down is as follows:

Lower than $1,395,053: None
Over $1,395,053 – $2,113,716: 3rd round pick
Over $2,113,716 – $4,227,437: 2nd round pick
Over $4,227,437 – $6,341,152: 1st, 3rd round picks
Over $6,341,152 – $8,454,871: 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks
Over $8,454,871 – $10,568,589: (2) 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks
$10,568,589 and up: (4) 1st round picks

If we’re being realistic here, Trouba will likely garner a salary somewhere in the range of $7-8 million per year. If Philadelphia offered him that type of deal, they would then be on the hook for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick. Not a terrible price to give up for a younger blueliner who can soak up around 23 minutes per game.

If the Flyers decide they want his rights instead, Fletcher could call up Cheveldayoff and offer up players and or picks. This way may be the best way to acquire Trouba, considering the assets the Flyers have to acquire him. The offer could start somewhere in the realm of the 11th overall pick in this year’s draft, and somewhat disgruntled blue liner Shayne Gostisbehere.

Trouba would essentially be replacing Ghost on defense anyway, so switching the two makes sense. Winnipeg would be getting a great offensive weapon for their blueline, who is locked into a deal that would keep him at $4.5 million for the next four years, and Philly would be able to set the deal to their liking, and Trouba’s, and get a solid option to pair with Provorov, or the top four at the very least.

It all comes down to whether Chuck Fletcher values picks over players in his own system. If he values the players in the system, he will likely go the route of an offer sheet. If it’s too difficult to part with three, up to four draft picks, then he may look to acquire the negotiating rights to Trouba and make something happen via that route.

Regardless, this is something to keep an eye on if you’re a follower of the orange and black. The Flyers are looking to be contenders right away, and landing a guy like Trouba puts them in the realm of being a contender almost right off the bat.

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9 thoughts on “Offer Sheet v. Trade: How do the Flyers acquire Jacob Trouba

  1. No chance of an offer sheet. It would have to be an overpay. If not your doing the Jets a huge favor they’d gladly accept the offer sheet. Trouba wants out of Winnipeg badly. The Jets are a Stanley Cup contender with Trouba. The other part is Ghost isn’t near as valuable as a two way shut down defenseman. Ghost can skate and put up points. He’s not a workhorse on both sides of the puck. If the Flyers want to make a run in the playoffs they need a top pair two dman. Provorov and Ghost aren’t going to do it as a top pair.

  2. Darren, you sound like Paul Holmgren. You should be the Next Flyer’s GM. Very Impressive idea. I like your thoughts on trading Gudas to Florida for Ekblad. Rather than adding our first round pick, why not just send Radko Gudas and Andrew MacDonald straight up in a beautiful two for one deal instead.

  3. Morin Myers eckblad trouba provorov sanheim nice hey also if hagg needs to be in on one of the deals so be it either Florida or Winnipeg

  4. Trading Shayne Gostisbehere will be a difficult decision, but the Flyers will lose him in the expansion draft in two years if they don’t move him. I love him as an offensive force, especially on the PP and 3 on 3 in overtime. But the great young defensemen Ron Hextall signed and drafted can’t all be protected in the Seattle draft as I mentioned. Gostisbehere is still the type of defenseman few teams have: a puck moving defenseman with great skills with puck. The Flyers now have three pretty good point men on defense in Ivan Provorov, Phillippe Myers and Travis Sanheim. I’d really like to see the Flyers draft Philip Broberg next week as another piece of the puzzle on defense. That would allow Flyers to get a decent forward in a trade using Gostisbehere. Broberg, by the way, is 6’2”, 198lbs and skates like the wind. He plays a better defensive game than Gostisbehere too and has most of Ghost’s offensive skills. Broberg has flown under the radar in this draft. Let’s hope we get him at 11.

  5. Not a good idea to go after Trouba. You are not looking at the true cost of acquiring another defensemen really will cost the Flyers. In two years (June 2021), Seattle will hold their expansion draft and the Flyers will either protect three defensemen, along with seven forwards, or eight skaters, which would allow them to protect four defensemen and four forwards.
    If the Flyers acquire Trouba, they would need to protect eight skaters. Giroux has to be protected, Nolan Patrick, Sean Couturier and Travis Konecny. Oskar Lindblom, Scott Laughton, Jake Voracek and James vanReimsdyk would be exposed. Ivan Provorov, Phillippe Myers, Travis Sanheim and Trouba would be protected. Shayne Gostisbehere, Robert Hagg and Sam Morin would be exposed.
    If the Flyers protect ten players, requiring they protect seven forwards and three defensemen, they would most likely protect, Couturier, Giroux, Konecny, Patrick, Lindblom, Laughton and one of either Voracek, JVR, or Hayes if he is signed. The Flyers would propably. Protect Provorov, Sanheim and Trouba as their three defensemen, leaving Myer, Gostisbehere, Hagg and Morin exposed. Obviously, it would be better to go four forwards and four defensemen.
    What is obvious is this: Shayne Gostisbehere will be traded before the expansion draft in order to acquire a good forward, the Flyers could trade him for Trouba, but that would cost them Oskar Lindblom in the expansion draft.
    Also, trading away the eleventh pick in this year’s draft would be a huge mistake. There will be some outstanding prospects available at eleven. Actually, some future NHL all stars. This draft looks outstanding. It could produce 20-25 outstanding future NHL stars. The Flyers have a great shot to get either Philip Broberg, Alex Newhook, Mathew Boldy, or even Vasily Podkolzin with that pick. Some people are not doing their homework on this draft and looking at the great kid the Flyers will pick in this draft. Instead, because some people want an established player like Trouba, they are not seeing the great draft pick the Flyers will acquire next week. Overpaying for Trouba makes little sense. The cost will be too high.

  6. Trading Ghost is a terrible idea! Come playoffs you need shifty offensive guys like him. And they are hard to find.

    1. I agree 100%. Assuming they lock Sanheim up, you’re looking at a top 4, with Trouba, consisting of him, Provorov, Sanheim and Ghost. Myers, Gudas, Morin and Hagg would be more than serviceable on that bottom pairing. I won’t say Gostisbehere is a luxury, but parting with him would free up a spot for a guy like Myers who is set to make some big strides in the coming seasons. I’d hate to see the organization quit on Shayne one year removed from a 60+ point campaign, but it may be the price to pay to make the blue line better.

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