Chances of Eagles retaining Joe Douglas seem to be diminishing


With each day that passes, a Joe Douglas departure seems more imminent. While it was reported that Douglas and the Jets were only apart on ‘money’ after a second interview, there were a couple of reports that claimed the Jets had bumped their offer in response.

To make things even more complicated, there’s now another team in the mix for the Eagles VP of Player Personnel. The Houston Texans fired GM  Brian Gaine just 16 months after hiring him. The timing is certainly strange, and while it’s unfair to criticize a draft class before they’ve even played a snap, it wasn’t exactly one that left Houston fans feeling fulfilled. The same could be said for free agency.

What’s interesting here is that before hiring Gaine, the Texans actually submitted an interview request for Douglas, but due to the Eagles being in the playoffs, they were able to block the request. They’ll have no such luck in the heart of June.

I don’t think this is as ‘black and white’ as people are making out. The Texans would certainly provide Douglas with a more enticing roster to work with, but we’re forgetting about the nature of this position.

Rick Smith was the Executive Vice President of football operations from 2012 to 2016, when he then accepted a role as general manager. One he would later take a year’s leave from due to his Wife’s battle with Breast Cancer. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him return to the fray and maybe pick up where he left off, if he’s ready to do so.

However, with two teams now searching for a new general manager and Joe Douglas appearing to be among the most appealing candidates in the NFL, it seems less and less likely he will be working alongside Howie Roseman this time next year.