Flyers 2019 Draft Profiles: Lassi Thomson has a heavy slapshot & high hopes

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Want to talk about a prospect that Flyers fans would salivate over as a Right-Handed Defenseman? Lassi Thomson is that player, and he now finds himself on the cusp of being drafted into the NHL. Thomson is like a well-oiled machine that uses his blazing speed to his advantage in both the offensive and defensive zones. He has been playing hockey practically since he was born, as he hails from Tampere, Finland, which turns out to be a great hockey town, “That is unbelievable, dream comes true, and yes I think my family is so excited to I will get drafted.”

Thomson continues, My ultimate goal was to play in NHL when I was younger or play someday pro hockey, and I don’t need to do anything else just play hockey.”

This young stud is 18-years-old, and boy does he have a blast from the point. To be quite honest, his hockey skills rank off the charts, as he stands at 6’0,” and weighs 190 pounds. Thomson is an exceptional skater, and he also plays such a sound defensive game. The way he crosses some Defenders over, it’s like I’m watching Allen Iverson crossing players over on a Basketball court. Thomson is a ball of energy, and he never quits on a play. All in all, Thomson possesses all the tools to succeed in the NHL, and better yet he’s a Right-Handed defenseman.

I’m so excited to play with men, and one of my dreams comes true to play pro hockey for my home team,” Thomson exclaims, I think my strengths as a hockey player are good stickhandling, shooting, and my biggest strength is skating.”

The young stud continues,“It’s just unbelievable, I got this chance.”

Thomson has matured into a playmaking machine and one that is a great skater. He’s always involved in the play, whether if it’s in both the offensive or defensive zones. Thomson accelerates and blows by defenders, and forwards alike. Moreover, he can be physical at times, as Thomson isn’t afraid to do anything to help his team win. He’s like a magician on skates, one minute you see him, the next minute you don’t.

His parents and Coaches have helped him evolve into the player he is today, and person for that matter, “My parents, and every coach I have been during my hockey career, have helped me to who I am today.”

This young stud in Thomson was born on September 24, 2000, and this was a day a star was born. He found a passion, and a love for the sport of hockey mainly from the time he was born. Thomson is learning the game proper way, and he takes nothing for granted. He is also excited to go back home and play for Ilves in the Liiga League.

The former Rockets product in Thomson plays all three zones well. This kid can just flat out score. Thomson just loves the sport of hockey. He eats, breathes, and lives for hockey. All things stop when it comes to hockey

This 18-year-old young prospect knew the importance of just having fun, and building confidence for the new season. Thomson worked hard in the off-season, and he was able to improve his game tremendously for the 2018-19 season. In his first season for the Rockets, he registered 17 goals, and 24 assists for a total of 41 points in 63 games played. Thomson seemed to thrive in the WHL, and he had a lot of confidence after leaving Finland to play hockey.

Thomson is a player that possesses a quick release. He hits the net accurately, and Thomson has transformed himself into quite a steal for an NHL team. He will evolve into an NHL mainstay, and his effort and dedication for the sport of hockey have led him to the cusp of being drafted into the NHL. Thomson is currently ranked #35 by, so maybe he falls to the Flyers in Round 2. He leaves us with this unique message:

I’m so excited to get drafted, and that means lot to me. I’m sure that the fans will enjoy my heavy slapshot, and my coast to coast rises…I’m, always smiling.”

Mandatory Photo credit: Getty Images