Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Will Ghost Be Traded?


Letttttttt’s get this offseason started already. Everyone throughout the Delaware Valley misses the Fly guys, as Chuck Fletcher and the Flyers head into one of the most critical offseason’s in recent memory. How will it end up? It’s anyone’s guess, but one thing for certain is the Flyers will be very active. Without further delay, here are our answers to your questions.

I hope so, and I will have to write another article on such. The Blues are also effective with breakouts and pushing the pace of the game. They have players that are hard to move off the puck, and to me, that is an area that the Flyers are lacking.

The Flyers have a lot of finesse players that are talented. However, teams are able to move them off the puck, thus shutting the play down. Another area of the Flyers game that has to get better to keep the play alive is board battling. The Flyers need a good battler, as the St. Louis Blues ate us alive in this area when they played each other last year, most notably a 7-3 loss on April 4, 2019. Moreover, on January 7, 2019 the Flyers suffered a 3-0 loss, so something has to be done in my opinion. They can ill afford to wait on Isaac Ratcliffe in the coming years to aide with board battling.

Michael Raffl used to be the Flyers best board battler, but he was very inconsistent last year. Raffl most likely will also be on the 4th line to start the season, as well. I will remain hopeful that the Flyers will address this area this off-season.

Isaac Ratcliffe will eventually become the best trade during the Hextall era, in my opinion. This young man has all the tools to have a long, successful career in the NHL. Of course, Ratcliffe could use some fine-tuning to his game with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms for at least half of the season anyway.

For instance, he could learn how to better use his big frame to his advantage by getting stronger. Also, Ratcliffe could become an even better skater. Ratcliffe is a decent skater, and his maneuverability ranks off the charts. However, if he became an even better skater, that would add another level to his game.

I’m praying that the Flyers wouldn’t have to use him a trade. Ratcliffe has so much upside, and the Flyers need bigger bodies on the wing in particular. For these reasons, I hope Fletcher does not use him as a bargaining chip. I know in this league you have to give in order to receive, but the Flyers are loaded to the gills with other young talented prospects, that Fletcher might be able to part ways with.

I thought that at the very least Ivan Provorov was going to resign with the Flyers before the World Championships began. Unfortunately, obviously, that wasn’t the case. I would have to assume that by early next week, some should sign. Late last season, I received information that Fletcher did indeed talk to Provorov’s agent. One would assume the hold-up, in this case, is the term. Without further delay, here are some numbers and terms below:

Travis Sanheim- 5 years- $4.5 mil AAV

Ivan Provorov- 4 Years- $6.5 mil AAV (The Flyers would love 6 years, but settle for 4)

Travis Konecny- 4 Years- $4.5-5 mil AAV

Justin Bailey- 1 Year- $800,000-1 mil AAV

Ryan Hartman- 2 Years- $1 mil AAV

Scott Laughton- 3 Years- $1.5-2 mil AAV

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Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports