Sixers stay or go: A look at the crucial free agent decisions that lie ahead


Boban Marjanovic

This is a tricky one. On one hand, there’s the fact that you cannot have Tobias Harris without Boban Marjanovic. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a clause in the next contract offer that the team give Harris that kept Boban in Philly. Joking aside, Boban is yet another lovable player who can somehow hit threes as well as provides a nightmarish matchup inside.

But then there’s the reality that the drop from Embiid to Marjanovic is substantial. The Sixers either need to find a middle ground Center who can keep the second unit producing defensively, or work something else out.

Bobi averaged 5.8 points in close to 10 minutes per game during the playoffs and he will undoubtedly be a cheap re-signing, but if the Sixers do keep him, there has to be a more productive center brought into the fold as well.

Verdict: Stays if Toby stays. My heart can’t take losing another bromance.

Furkan Korkmaz

Fresh off a strong summer league outing Korkmaz was one of the players pounding the table for a trade early on before all the dust settled as he felt he deserved more minutes. 5.8 points over 19 minutes per game don’t scream ‘I deserve more minutes’ and although he flashed potential, I don’t think the Sixers keep Korkmaz past this offseason.

Verdict: Bye.

James Ennis

The Sixers can pick up an option on the contract of Ennis worth $1.85M and given his ability to match up against bigger players and give his all, it makes sense here. Ennis doesn’t just provide depth, but was a key cog in the second unit’s success against the Raptors. The 28-year old journeyman isn’t the best shooter, nor does he have any elite traits, but the ‘switch’ offense that Brown runs lends itself to a bigger player who will win with hustle and awareness, something highlighted by his bump up in rebounds per game (3.6).

Another solid signing for the bench, this is a cheap and cheerful option for the Sixers.

Verdict: Stay