Sixers stay or go: A look at the crucial free agent decisions that lie ahead


JJ Redick

Since joining the Sixers, Redick has been integral to the Sixers, giving them shooting efficiency that had previously evaded the team. His presence alone is largely what enables Ben Simmons to be so dominant in the low-post, but there’s a slight issue.

Redick will be 36-years old this year and the Sixers just traded away Landry Shamet, their draftee who in his rookie year, shot a better three-point percentage than Redick has in all but three of his 13 seasons to date.

Redick may want more money than the Sixers can afford given the need to bring back Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris and if unwilling to take a slightly cheaper deal, the team may deem it more worthy to draft the ‘next JJ Redick’, or look at other shooters in free agency.

It may, just may, even behoove the Sixers to avoid giving Butler a max contract and instead see if they can lure Klay Thompson away from Golden State, retaining Tobias Harris and signing Golden State’s robotic arm.

Meanwhile in reality, Danny Green (the Sixer that is destined to be, Jeremy Lamb, or even Wesley Matthews could provide cheaper, younger options if they fear father time catching up to Redick.

Verdict: A reluctant goodbye

Mike Scott

The Mike Scott hive doesn’t quite rival Captain Cre’Von’s crew ship, but it’s been one of the most enjoyable aspect of watching the Sixers progress in 2019. He still ‘aint no bi–h’ and he wants to be a Sixer. What’s not to love?

Scott was at one with the Philadelphia fanbase from the moment his gritty attitude first took to the court. Averaging 7.8 points per contest and shooting 41% from beyond the arc, Scott provided an instant spark whenever he was dropped into the game and should be protected at all costs.

Verdict: Stay, please

TJ McConnell

Nothing will ever hit like the bromance between McConnell and Dario Saric, but McConnell played through the heartbreak admirably. One of the Sixers’ most beloved role players over the last few years, McConnell is another who grew at one with a fanbase that stayed by his side through all the good times and the bad.

The reality of the NBA is that it is a business and there is a chance that the Sixers move on from McConnell, but there’s no logical reason to. He’s important for the locker room, he’s cheap, and had a 52% FG percentage in 2018. McConnell loves Philadelphia, and Philadelphia loves him in return.

Verdict: Stay