Making the case: Should the Eagles draft Oklahoma WR Marquise Brown?



As I mentioned earlier, Brown is ridiculously fast, recording a 50+ yard reception in eight of Oklahoma’s fourteen contests last season. Eagles HC Doug Pederson has yet to roster such an elite deep threat in his short tenure with the team, despite his desire for one, and even though they traded for D-Jax earlier in the offseason, I think it would behoove the Eagles to add even more speed to their offense.

During the few stints of unproductivity during the Pederson era, the offense was stymied by the lack of a true deep threat. Opposing defenses would load the box to take away the run and stifle Ertz and Jeffery underneath. It wasn’t until veteran deep threat wideout Torrey Smith was brought in that the offense began to prosper. Now, with notorious burner D-Jax in tow, the Eagles’ offense can enter the speed zone by adding the dynamic Brown to the roster.

The former Oklahoma Sooner can man the slot with ease and has more than enough juice to hold his own on the outside. After years of inconsistent output from the slot position due to the streaky nature of Nelson Agholor, the Eagles can start a new chapter by replacing him with an absolute game-breaker.

Admittedly, taking a speed receiver in the opening round is a bit of a luxury pick, but with few roster holes and a couple of Day 2 picks to boot, the Eagles can afford to enjoy the finer things in life this year.

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