Making the case: Should the Eagles draft Oklahoma WR Marquise Brown?


After a seemingly endless stream of draft rumors, hot takes, stock alterations, and, of course, the annual slew of mock drafts over the last few months, draft day has finally arrived. Like giddy children waiting for midnight to strike on Christmas day, pro football fan bases all over the world eagerly await Round 1 of the NFL draft to commence.

Trades, surprises, stress, and grandeur will be in abundance tonight as teams aim to align themselves with a more prosperous future. Tonight, future Hall of Famers and Pro Bowlers will be introduced to the NFL world for the first time- officially, anyway- before they blaze their trail through the league. Excitement overflowing, draft day is here and it’s time to reshape the future.

Possessors of the 25th overall selection in this year’s draft and with few roster holes to fill, the Eagles could go in a number of directions in the opening round. Arguments have been made caping for them to draft seemingly every position, many with sound reasoning, but each case seems to further muddy an already murky situation. Perhaps this bevy of unknowing results in the Eagles selecting arguably one of the most polarizing prospects in this class- Marquise “Hollywood” Brown.

Statistically speaking, there is nothing polarizing about the talented Oklahoma wideout. 2413 receiving yards and 17 TDs in only two seasons speaks for itself, especially when it comes on just 132 receptions. Brown was simply electric during his time with the Sooners, averaging 17.6 YPC, routinely streaking past defenders en route to the endzone. Blazingly fast and an absolute menace in the open field, there’s no doubting Hollywood Brown is a gifted athlete.

Doubt has been cast over his long-term durability, however, as Brown has an incredibly thin build. Standing at 5’10 and weighing just under 170 pounds, the standout receiver doesn’t possess ideal size and many scouts are skeptical he’ll be able to hold up long enough to be productive at the next level.

Still, Brown’s unique blend of speed and skill make him a tantalizing prospect and one the Eagles will no doubt consider if he’s still on the board at 25. Since Brown has grown into such a polarizing figure leading up to the draft, as most speed receivers projected to go early usually do, I have decided to make the case for and against the Eagles selecting Brown.

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