Three potential landing spots for Phillies 2B Cesar Hernandez


I admit, I was hesitant to even write that title. Partially because I think it’s too early to anoint Scott Kingery the chosen one, and partially because I like Cesar Hernandez. But, as we so often have to do as journalists, it’s time to take my emotions out of context, and contribute using my head and not my heart.

Cesar Hernandez hasn’t fallen out of favor in Philadelphia; at least, he shouldn’t have yet. He got off to an inauspicious start. At the same time, Scott Kingery appears to be hotter than the surface of the Sun right now. But don’t synonymize the lack of success for one-second baseman with his immediate departure just yet. Over the last six games, Cesar Hernandez has accumulated nine hits in 27 at-bats: a .333 average on the dot. He’s driven in four runs. He’s walked six times. He’s struck out just once. With the way that Scott Kingery is playing, this is a perfect example of “Iron Sharpens Iron”.

All of these numbers, Phillies’ fans, are important. Because the best thing that could happen to the Phillies is to have a second baseman dilemma, one in which both players are productive in the lineup, regardless of which position Gabe Kapler writes their names in each night.

Because should the productivity hold true, the Phillies have a prime trade candidate on their hands.

The team invested quite a bit of money in Scott Kingery last season before he stepped foot in a Major League batters box, mind you, and I’d be hard pressed to see them willing to make a move of any kind that involves the young infielder at this point. So that leaves Hernandez as a candidate to be moved for, perhaps, a more important piece down the stretch.

So let’s take a look at three potential landing spots for Cesar Hernandez, and what he, along with others as part of a package, could return

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Mandatory Credit: Cody Glenn-USA TODAY Sports