Why the Eagles are likely to trade up from pick #25


A slight bump…

In this spot, the Eagles are likely trying to jump one team for one player. Whether that’s Oakland for Josh Jacobs, Houston for Jonah Williams, or Baltimore for Devin Bush, this is simply a leap of a few places. It’s absolutely possible if the Eagles are besotted with a certain player, but I feel like it’s less likely than making the significant move forward. 

The Eagles did move up two spots in 2009 to get Jeremy Maclin, giving up Alex Mack and a sixth-round pick. The Birds have an arsenal of players and picks who would fit that mold and Roseman would be quick to pull the trigger if he felt in danger of losing one of those players.

What do you think the Eagles should do at pick 25? Is trading up a viable option? Let us know in the comments.

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