Why the Eagles are likely to trade up from pick #25


Into the top 10…

Using the ‘Draft Chart’ that NFL General managers use to place a value on individual picks (although it’s becoming increasingly less common), we can see that to get into the top 10, the Eagles would need to give up approximately 1370 points worth of value. Their first three picks in the draft would tally 1,410…but obviously, Howie has a way of manipulating trades and finding value where others don’t, including moving players for potential assets. 

The Eagles could be targeting a player like Ed Oliver here, but he’s more than likely going to fall a little lower, which tells me a trade up would likely see them want to bring in an edge defender like Montez Sweat or Rashan Gary. I feel like bringing in a DE in round 1 causes too much complication, however. The Eagles just extended BG and Vinny Curry won’t be around forever, but surely bringing in another first round pick is going to cause too much congestion in the rotation and would only raise further question marks about what we can expect out of Derek Barnett in year 3.

If the Eagles move up into this range, I’m expecting it to be for Andre Dillard, a tackle whom they surprisingly haven’t met with. Dillard isn’t a day-one ready prospect, although he could be the perfect developmental heir to JP’s throne…but that to me, kind of defies trading up. 

Not only that, but teams in this range are likely rebuilding and it could take a lot more to entice a team who are locked in on a guy to give up that leverage and risk missing out on potential franchise-changing talent.

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