How ‘Sweep’ It Is: Looking back at the Phillies’ stunning start to new MLB season


Of course! IT had to happen right? I mean it wouldn’t be Philly if we didn’t boo, right? Well, opening day, during a 10-4 route of the defending NL East Champions, a couple of bone heads had to be funny. They had to boo Bryce Harper for striking out.

Maybe they were trying to be funny, like the idiot who screams, “BABABOOEY!” or “GET IN THE HOLE!” whenever a PGA golfer hits a drive. Then, that same dope has to text all their friends, “Did you hear me yell BABABOOEY when Tiger hit that drive on 11! Dude that was totally me! Everybody loved it!” No they didn’t. Or they were just trying to give Bryce a proper “Philly Welcome.” Whatever your reason for being an idiot, STOP. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP!

The Phillies have hit eight homers in their first three games. Two of which have come from their 8 hole hitter. This lineup is scary good, scoring 24 runs in the opening series. The Phils jumped out to a 3-0 record, even with their starting pitchers not having their best stuff. Oh yeah, they are the only team still undefeated in baseball.

In his debut, Harper went 0-3 with two strikeouts. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a factor. After an infield single led to an errant throw, and runners on second and third, the Braves gave Harper a free pass, walking him to face Rhys Hoskins. Dumb move as Hoskins made them pay with his first homer of the season and first grand slam of his career. Phils roll with three homers to a 10-4 route of the Braves in the opener. (Continued on the pages below)

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