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How the Jordan Howard trade impacts the Eagles Draft plans

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It’s about half past eight on a Thursday night in Delaware and I’ve received the alert that the Philadelphia Eagles have traded a 2020 sixth-round pick, with the potential to be a fifth-round pick, to the Chicago Bears in exchange for Jordan Howard. It’s the one running back that made the most sense to me this entire off-season for the Eagles to acquire. As a team that is so ready to be a running back by committee front, the Eagles now have a well-rounded option at the running back position after Darren Sproles has moved on. The depth chart currently reads Howard, Boston Scott, Wendell Smallwood, Josh Adams, and Corey Clement. There are five running backs that have showed their hand in the past two years for the Eagles, with mixed success.

The big picture is that we are just under a month removed from the 2019 National Football League draft. The real question we have to ask ourselves is just how the acquisition of Howard changes the draft picks in question. On my ride home from Havertown, Pennsylvania this evening to Wilmington, Delaware, I conducted my own research to provide you my first display of a 2019 NFL mock draft for the Eagles. The Eagles have seven picks in the 2019 NFL draft. These opinions are my own, so I look forward to the discussion! (Continued in the pages below)

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Eric is a University of Delaware graduate with a degree in English. While in school, he began writing for different publications such as The Highlight Network, Amps and Greenscreens, and he did color commentary for the University of Delaware Men's and Women's lacrosse teams throughout the 2013 season as an alumni. Prior to being featured with Philly Sports Network, he began a pro-wrestling podcast with a childhood friend called the Totally Over Podcast. As an avid sports die-hard for all things Philadelphia, Eric is also a proud supporter of West Virginia University.


  • Qfoster says:

    First of all.. I’ve been an eagles fan for Quite some time now.. Just reading all the comments on the draft.. Howie Roseman has turn us around in 3 years after Chip kelly ran us in the ground.. I trust that they will draft the best players for us.. Now, me personally… I’m a realist… football games are won in the trenches… The first 3 picks, I say go DL, OL and LB in no particular order….. We have to run the ball to help take the pressure off Wentz and that will help keep him healthy and on the field longer… That’s why they traded for Howard.. down hill runner who can control the clock….. We also need to stop the run.. Especially in a division with Elliot and Barkley in it…. That’s where that DT and LB come in at… I love our secondary.. those kids played well for us… as far as I’m concerned.. I think Douglas and Maddox deserves to start outside and in the slot.. Darby and Jones need to fight for the other outside spot… I think mills is terrible Sorry that’s just my opinion guys… but the more cornerbacks the better… We gave up to many yards last year.. we have to get better in the secondary.. I’m calling for 11-5 season this year…

  • John Perry says:

    Everyone is forgetting the need at linebacker. Also, I agree we need linemen. Build depth from inside out.

  • Nicholas says:

    This dumb year after after Philadelphia has taken an offense more than defense we have another hole on defense why not draft a linebacker in the first like trey Lamar from Clemson. He’s projected to go late first or early second let’s address our need first before we start drafting for depth

    • Eric Reese says:

      We have linebackers able to be drafted later since that is a deeper class. We’re talking about OL retiring that are a lot harder to replace. The need is at OL and there is still a steal to be had at LB in the 2nd round. The real need is OL before LB, which might be an unpopular opinion.

      Consider that Jason Peters was healthy last season and still wasn’t finishing full games. Paul Worrilow is a good LB and everyone acts like he doesn’t exist because he was injured once. He is a pro-bowl level LB who served as depth last year.

  • Ronald Green says:

    The only way. Where getting that takle. Is we trade a pick. And move up. I like the pick though.

  • Mike Christopher says:

    I believe this trade makes the birds the #1 team to beat in the nfc. Running game killed us last year think we ranked 28th a big drop from Superbowl yr from 3rd still think Blount would be great here he brings in short distance and also brings attitude that we need.

    • Eric Reese says:

      I agree about Blount. If the Eagles didn’t get Howard, I wanted Blount back in Philadelphia. He would be cheap after an unproductive season in Detroit. However, Howard it is and we got him on a steal.

  • Eric Reese says:

    That’s a good call on Rypien too. Before I submitted this article, I actually had him in place of Stick. I think Stick is the more realistic move however and I think that both will be fine in the NFL.

  • Colin says:

    While I get the turn toward o-linemen, especially tackle with Peters being so old, I don’t quite understand the logic of not taking one defensive linemen in a draft Roseman called “historically deep”. They build from the trenches. Sure, they need some safety help, and a LB would be legit, but one or two new young DT/DE to groom into starters makes the most logical sense with at least one of those first 3 picks. I think those 3 picks will go DT/OL/S for my money.

  • Eaglesfan89 says:

    They still need to draft a running back this year. Think Darrell Henderson, Justice Hill or Miles Sanders as early as round 2. Boston Scott is NOT second on the depth chart. You also never addressed the defensive line. I believe that our first round pick will be defensive line. You need the future bookend to Barnett and a young DT for the rotation. If they can get Christian Wilkins in round one and Shareef Miller in round four, that would accomplish that.

    • Eric Reese says:

      I really don’t see the defensive line being a key team need versus the offensive line, but that’s where my mock differs from most. Also, I never outright stated that Boston Scott was second on the depth chart. I simply stated he is a running back on the Eagles. One of 5 after acquiring Jordan Howard. After trading for Howard, I don’t see why a RB is important versus other team needs.

      In the case of your comment, I would switch out one of my OL picks for a DL at most, but still wouldn’t budge for a RB.

  • sceaglesfan1 says:

    I think might be drafted in the 6th though I prefer Rypien if he is still there. I think Oline is an underrated need for the team but Don’t see either of your first picks- not nearly athletic enough for the scheme Birds run. Of course no one (but Howie) really knows anything. Safe travels

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