Eagles decision to re-sign Richard Rodgers holds more weight than you think


The Eagles just announced that they have re-signed former Packers Tight End, Richard Rodgers to a two-year contract. While this isn’t a blockbuster move by any stretch, it does bring a lot of value to the table.

On paper, Rodgers was disappointing in his first season as an Eagle, mainly because he spent the majority of the season sidelined due to an injury. In fact, he played in just 3% of offensive snaps. However, if healthy, the Eagles offense could’ve looked a little different.

Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert were the stars of the show last year, but remember at the start of the season when Joshua Perkins was seeing extensive game action, with the results being somewhat hit-or-miss? Well, that was because the Eagles lost Rodgers to injury.

However, midway through the season, the Eagles started to lean on jumbo formations more heavily. 12-personnel looks became the foundation for an offense that started to really force the running-game into existence, but one can’t help but wonder how much losing Celek and Burton really hurt the positional group.

The Eagles typically keep four tight ends around and were forced to use just two all year long, both of whom are very dangerous receiving targets. If we think back to how impressive Trey Burton was in 2017, the idea of putting three tight ends on the field to open up a receiving option as a checkdown while Ertz storms the seam becomes familiar.

Rodgers has evolved into a reliable blocker on top of his 1,173 career receiving yards. Rodgers has familiarity with the offense and because of the way last season ended, we can only assume the deal is anything but bank-breaking.

To me, this screams solidity. The Eagles are bolstering the tight end position and now have two veterans alongside Dallas Goedert, one of whom just happens to be the debatable best tight end in the league now that Gronkowski has retired. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Eagles draft a fourth tight end, or at least keep an UDFA around, but Rodgers will give the Eagles the flexibility to run those jumbo sets a little more frequently, thus opening up the run game and of course taking some of the weight off the stars of the show, while allowing for some much needed depth in the event that one of them goes down with an injury.