By signing Bryce Harper, the Phillies would change the national narrative


If you are checking Twitter every 15 minutes, like I am , you are probably more confused now than ever as to what is going on with Bryce Harper. The Phillies are getting close to signing him. The Giants are back in on a long term deal, or don’t forget the Nationals. It is possible that Harper may stay unsigned well into March? Middleton is in Vegas as of this writing, could he be flying home with his new right fielder? Either way stay tuned…..every fifteen minutes.

Where are we Phillies Fans? With recent additions. the team has improved since last year. Do we really need Bryce Harper? John Middleton stated the Phillies were going to spend “Stupid Money” this off season. Let’s look at why paying Harper makes sense.

First of all he is 26 years old and one of the best players in the game. Harper is a former MVP and Rookie of the Year. Did I mention he is only 26 years old. The same age as Rhys Hoskins, only Harper is more established. Imagine the two of them in the lineup for the next ten years.

Harper signing with the Phillies changes the national narrative.

Too often we hear from lazy reporting how tough Philly fans are on their players. This statement can be true, but what is missing from the narrative is how loyal we are to those players who give their all to the team and the city. Brian Dawkins is on of the most beloved athletes to ever play in Philadelphia, and he is even recruiting Bryce to play for the Phils.

The Bottom line is that the team NEED Bryce Harper. Should he sign somewhere else, the superstar jilting of Philadelphia continues. However, if he signs with the Phillies, watch out as Philly may become a superstar destination.

Mandatory Credit: Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports