Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Will the orange and black be wheeling and dealing at the deadline?


Who are these Flyers? Where will they end up this season? These are very good questions that everyone in the tri-state area is trying to figure out at the moment.

From massive losing streaks, to massive winning streaks, the Flyers are in search of consistency. Some may ask where does that start? Well, it starts with Goaltending. Carter Hart and an Anthony Stolarz tandem have been rock solid for the past few weeks, and this has catapulted the Flyers back into the playoff race. The last question is where will the Flyers finish this season in the standings? Without further delay, here are our answers to your questions.

I have been worried about the wear and tear of Claude Giroux when Former Head Coach Dave Hakstol initially moved him back to the Center position. Scott Gordon has also done such at times to my dismay (Joking). I would love Giroux to be a Left Winger for the rest of his career. Moreover, I would also like him to not be a Penalty Killer. Giroux is the engine that runs the Flyers, as Giroux goes so does the Flyers. We should save the wear and tear of Giroux. He is too vital to the overall success of this club.

One last tidbit on moving Giroux permanently back to the Left Wing. He set a career high in points last year with 102 as a Left Winger. I think Gordon does realize how important Giroux is to the Flyers, and will refrain from using him as a Center as much as possible. Unless of course, he absolutely has no other choice to do so.

Robert Hagg has been a really solid Defenseman this season. He won’t kill you with his Offensive numbers, but he hits, blocks shots, and just flat-out plays well in his own end. For the season, Hagg has registered 4 goals, 10 assists, 109 block shots, and issued 179 hits. Head Coach Scott Gordon is noticing his play as of late, as Hagg’s ATOI has crept up to 17:29 on the year. If Hagg was a liability in his own end, trust me he wouldn’t be sniffing 17 minutes a game. In my opinion, let’s see how Samuel Morin and Philippe Myers adapt to the NHL, before we trade any of our blue line assets.

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I believe in the off-season they will buy Amac out. He has an immovable contract in my opinion, and with the log jam of young Defencemen in the system. I think Fletcher finally buys Amac out.

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Colton Parayko or Alec Martinez would be a welcome addition as a Flyers top 4 Defenseman. Martinez is 100% healthy again, and just logged 21:28 in TOI against the Washington Capitals on Monday night. Moreover, Martinez finished the game with an assist, 2 hits, 3 blocks, and was a +- 0. Parayko hits the net with accuracy, as he has a rocket from the point. He has tallied 9 goals, and 9 assists on the season, while logging 22:45 ATOI for the season. I mean what can Parayko not do?

Fletcher should approach this deadline with the same approach as a month ago…with next year in mind. Yes, the play has been better as of late for the orange and black, and I personally do believe they will make playoffs. However, the focus should be adding a Top 4 Defenseman, as Philippe Myers should be given time to relish that role. Obtaining a sniper couldn’t hurt either, and that would be a blessing for next year, as well. This trade deadline will be an interesting one, stay tuned and have some popcorn handy for this one.

Some snipers that are available in the off-season are Artemi Panarin (1A), and Mark Stone (1B). The Flyers should give both of these players a run for their money, regardless if they want to come here or not. You never know what could happen in the world of sports, and money talks that’s for sure.

In my opinion, I would stay away from Corey Schneider. He just can’t stay healthy, and I think we would end up with another Michal Neuvirth or Brian Elliott situation. Why not Stolarz to be our 1B? I hope the Flyers give him an extensive look the rest of the season, as he could very well back up Hart next season. It would also allow Fletcher to focus his attention for a top 4 Defenseman, and a sniper for that matter.

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I was hoping Philippe Myers would play in Saturday’s contest against the Detroit Red Wings. The Flyers team Defense on Tuesday night was very leaky. Shayne Gostisbehere has not been himself, but I think Amac sits in favor of Myers. However, with the way Gordon talked after practice yesterday it appears playing Saturday is becoming more unlikely.

After practice yesterday Gordon stated that Myers is becoming acclimated to the NHL by practicing with the club. Moreover, Gordon stated that even if Myers doesn’t play in a game it’s not necessarily a bad thing, as he’s getting valuable practice time with the big club. Now we all know how Gordon is with his lineup…anything can happen. This is a wait and see, but I will stand by my tweet earlier this week and say Myers plays tomorrow.

Radko Gudas has been the best Flyers Defenseman all season long. He has become very attractive on the trade market because of such. I do believe there is strong interest for his services. Gudas has become expendable because of the young assets the Flyers have. One thing that Fletcher should weigh when thinking of trading Gudas is, does he see Gudas as a top 4 pairing or a bottom tier Defenseman? I’m hoping the Flyers keep him to be honest. Gudas has found his groove here in Philly. He knows when to be physical, and he isn’t committing the same stupid penalties that he used to take. I will admit though with all the youth on Defense it definitely does make him more expendable.

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I do believe that Justin Bailey will be the last Forward recalled by the Flyers this season. I would love to see Greg Carey or Mike Vecchione get a shot, but I think that’s unlikely. NAK should return in the coming week or so. He’s very close to returning. However, realistically he would need to condition himself for a few games to get acclimated to the game. Playoffs are right around the corner for the Phantoms, so it’s unlikely for NAK to get recalled again. The only way I could see him getting recalled is if the orange and black suffered an injury.

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I absolutely agree with your comments comparing Ghost to Sean Couturier. I will not advocate a trade for Ghost, as I did not do so for players, such as Couturier or Brayden Schenn. One bad year, and we are clamoring for this young man in Ghost to be traded. I personally believe he has a lingering injury. It is highly unlikely for a player of his caliber to be on the downfall, when he is still very young. Ghost is still in his prime at the ripe age of 25.

I’m not advocating for a trade of Ghost. If Fletcher wants to deal him, then it better be a heck of a deal. The skies the limit for this young man, and he will only get better in time. Ghost will right the ship eventually, and I am hoping it’s in the City of Brotherly love.

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The Flyers are finally now playing like the team most of us thought before the season began. They finally have a Goaltender(s) that can make that save when the team isn’t playing at their best, and that has been the missing element of the orange and black for many many years.

I believe Fletcher will add a top-four Defenseman either at the trade deadline or in the off-season. In addition, Fletcher will add a mentor for Hart, and possibly add a sniper, as well. The Flyers will become serious contenders next year. They have a ton of youth, and they are starting to infuse this lineup for the better.

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I would love to see Greg Carey up with the big club, but unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely at this point in the season. Carey deserves it, but with the playoffs around the corner, I’m sure Fletcher would not want to ruffle the feathers and call up this savvy Veteran. It’s important for players like Carey to lead the youth with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.

Carey’s recall to the Flyers would impact the Phantoms much more than the Flyers in my opinion. It’s very important for a player like Carey to try and win a Championship with players he has spent a lot of time with. Players like Carey and Colin McDonald. These are two leaders on a young Phantoms team, and ones that the youth look up to. If you take one of them away for the playoff run, it could very well hinder the Phantoms playoff success.

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I do believe Brian Elliott gets moved by the trade deadline. Branden Komm may have been called up due to an injury to Alex Lyon, or the Flyers may actually plan on recalling Elliott this weekend. However, there have been a lot of talks for a possible trade with the Edmonton Oilers for Cam Talbot, with reports that Elliott is part of the deal. We shall see today for further clarification, and I will be right on top of it for sure. All I can tell you is that at least one of our Goaltenders will be moved at some point.

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