LISTEN: Is Carson Wentz a hero or a villain?

It’s been a crazy week in Philadelphia sports. Liam Jenkins breaks down all things Eagles related including debunking the Carson Wentz ‘villain’ narrative and what will happen to Nick Foles.


4 thoughts on “LISTEN: Is Carson Wentz a hero or a villain?

  1. So the headline is click bait? I didn’t listen cause the headline leads you to believe it’s a debate and it shouldn’t be. I like your stuff Liam but we have to give this kid a break. I lived in Orlando when the media basically made up polls and hypotheticals about Shaq. He claims to this day one of those polls asking if he deserved a max contract was worth it was one of the reasons he left.

    1. The headline addresses a question that I GENUINELY ask and answer in the show, with the content fully backing up the fact that this ridiculous narrative is out of line. You need to draw listeners in. This isn’t clickbait if the show is literally talking about what’s in the headline. It’s a tough balance, but if you’re not listening to the show and judging off of a headline then there’s only so much I can really do! Appreciate the support, JS!

  2. Great, another ridiculously bad piece of reporting. Everyone always gives Eagles FANS the bad rap. It’s the reporters in this area are reckless and only compete to say the most outlandish things to make a name for themselves. Carson is a 26 year old kid who loves the lord, this team and this city. Why would he ever be considered a villain by anyone. Just stop trying to alienate a kid who is undoubtedly a hero a kid I’d want my kids to look up too.

    1. You do realize the ENTIRE podcast is blowing this ridiculous ‘villain’ narrative out of the water, literally backing up everything you said, right? Did you listen or just jump off a headline?

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