A grounded Wayne Simmonds remains focused on the Flyers as trade deadline looms

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Tick tock, tick tock. The clock is ticking towards the trade deadline. This a day that Wayne Simmonds does not want to face. As Simmonds faces his fate, he is truly a class act, even though the writing is on the wall for him to leave this beloved organization in the Flyers.

Simmonds is very attractive to a contender that needs a Veteran presence, and a guy that would rub the locker room the right way. This warrior in Simmonds gives his all on a nightly basis. Does he have some bad games? Sure he does, but he’s a beast when he needs to be. With the looming trade deadline around the corner, things aren’t easy for Simmonds right now mentally, as one can imagine. He may leave his best friends in Claude Giroux, and Jakub Voracek. As media enters the Stadium after passing through security, Simmonds, Voracek, and Giroux are more often than not playing Basketball together in the tunnel area.

For years (8 to be exact), he’s given his all to this organization. He commands respect from everyone on and off the ice. Simmonds has showed everyone including the great fans of Philadelphia that he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s a leader on and off the ice.

Times are tough for the Wayne “Train.” He is on the cusp of another 25 goal season, and well he knows the Flyers may not have the room to fit his term (Not money) in their future plans. As one can imagine it’s hard. The character guy in Simmonds is trying to brush off the trade deadline like it’s not a big deal, “To be honest with you it hasn’t crossed my mind, who cares…who cares.” Simmonds stated. “We’re in this together…All for one and one for all.”

After conversing with Simmonds some more, it appears that the trade deadline is indeed affecting him. I stated to him that he looks mentally strong to which Simmonds states, “Aggggh I’ve played in this league a long time. This is my 11th year. He brings up the trade deadline (Pause).” Simmonds then choked up, looked down, and exhaled with emotion, “I appreciate everything. You have to be a professional on and off the ice. Got to come to work, and continue to play good hockey. We have to stick together, it’s hard for everyone involved.”

Simmonds is a class act, a true Philadelphian. He appeals to the City of Brotherly love as he is a blue collar player. Simmonds gives his all on the ice, and well does his job on a nightly basis. Philadelphia salutes you Wayne, Thanks for everything.


Photo credit: Alex Mclntyre