Philadelphia Union release 2019 Secondary Jersey: The 10th Season “Inspired Kit”


On Monday (January 28th, 2019) Philadelphia Union announced their 2019 secondary kit. The kit is branded as their 10th season “Inspired” Kit.

The white shirt has some interesting line designs on the front. Like the Primary Blue kit, the shirt features an altered Bimbo logo that is all one color and doesn’t stick out. The 10 season “back tags will be applied to these jerseys. The shirt is clean, and sharp with a blue V-neck collar, and blue edges to the sleeves. Here are some more looks at the new shirt:


All in all, the kit is pretty uninspiring. The Union have another white secondary jersey. While the lines across the shirt and customize-able back tags are very nice, the shirt still seems bland.

At a time when the Union are set to celebrate their tenth season, the jersey to commemorate the special season lacks elements that make the Union great.

There is very little Blue and Gold incorporated on the shirt. There is no homage to the past in this kit. If this shirt is paired with white shorts on the pitch, then it just looks like the generic white MLS kits that have come out over the past few years.

This jersey should be their away kit, but for the occasion of a tenth season, a third kit should have been made. Something different to get die-hard fans excited and the neutral soccer communities attention. That would require something more than just a white or blue shirt. A third kit with more pzazz that would have started a buzz and revved up interest in the Union would have been a breath of fresh air, unfortunately that is not the case for the Union’s 10th season “inspired” shirt.

I wish this kit had more. With fans looking for any excuse to knock this team, this jersey gives them what they want. It does little to help those on the fence about buying tickets, or even following the team in 2019. This is not going to distract fans from the lack of quality signings; where as, a different more buzz-worthy jersey might have calmed the storm for at least a day.

With all this being said, the new shirt is sharp. It will likely sell well at the stadium based on the cleanness of the jersey and the customize-able back-tags that can be put on them. But at first glance, and without seeing it in person, it looks to be just another white shirt.

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Peace out Union fans!

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