Scott Kingery receives an interesting gift for a stunning….accomplishment?


The 2018 season saw some peculiar changes in the game of baseball. Batters were striking out more than ever. Launch angle and exit velocity became the new statistical obsession. The A’s and Brewers made the playoffs.

Above all else, position players were used as pitchers more than ever. A record 48 usual batters took the pitching rubber last season.

This includes the Phillies’ own Scott Kingery.

On Monday, Kingery received an interesting award for his….accomplishment?

Kingery was gifted a “Position Player Pitcher” t-shirt to “honor” his “pitching prowess” by Cut 4.

On August 16th, throwing no faster than 65 MPH, Scott Kingery took the mound in a blowout loss to the Mets. He pitched 1.1 innings, giving up 4 hits and 2 runs.

If Kingery got that t-shirt, you can expect 3 other Phillies receive one for their trophy cases.

Roman Quinn made his pitching debut the same day as Kingery. While his velocity wasn’t bad (low 80’s), he really couldn’t get anyone out. As it sits, Quinn has a 37.80 ERA. For everyone at home, that’s 7 runs in an inning and 2/3.

Jesmuel Valentin also made his debut on the rubber in 2018. Unlike the other Phillies position pitchers, Valentin was able to record a strikeout, although he still gave up 3 runs in an inning of work against the Brew Crew.

The last nonpitching pitcher was statistically the best for the Phillies and the only one to appear in multiple games. Pedro Florimon made his pitching debut before Seranthony Dominguez, taking the mound on March 31 against the Braves. He gave up 2 runs in an inning in that one. On May 18 against the Cardinals, Florimon became the only Phillies PPP to have a clean inning.

Congratulations to all our amazing players. IF you haven’t gotten your t-shirt yet, I’m sure it’s in the mail.

Maybe in 2019 there’ll be fewer PPPs or maybe we’ll see what Andrew McCutchen can do off the mound.


Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports