Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Should The Flyers Pursue Stars’ Jamie Benn?


­What in the fa-sheezy is going on with the Flyers this week?! They are hot, and it must be the jolt from Carter Hart that has given this team success lately.

Thank God for Hart. The season was in a whirlwind prior to his arrival. He appears to have given the Flyers some extra jump, and a lot of it has to do with making timely saves. Even when Hart is not at his best, he makes that save. That’s exactly what happened in a 7-4 victory against the Minnesota Wild this past Monday night. Hopefully, he continues to have success for the rest of the season. Without further delay, here are our answers to your questions.

I think Philippe Myers will be called up to the Flyers sometime in early February-Mid February. I know Samuel Morin is expected to return in February, but he will most likely be with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms on an 8-10 game conditioning stint. This would make Morin’s return date to the Flyers at some point in late February-early March, as he’s no longer waiver exempt. Make no mistake about it, Myers will definitely see time with the big club this season.

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One young man who’s 27 years old would be my main target. He is no other than Robin Lehner. Lehner has put on a quite a show in his first stint with the New York Islanders. He’s currently 13-7-3, with a 2.16 GAA, and a .928 Save Percentage. Lehner currently has a $1.5 million cap hit, and becomes a free agent at year’s end. He would be a nice stop-gap Goaltender for Carter Hart, and could provide some great leadership for the young 20-year-old netminder.

I believe the next Flyers head coach will be Joel Quenneville. Coaches like this only come around once in a lifetime. I appreciate everything that Scott Gordon has done for the Flyers, but Coach Q is a proven Stanley Cup winning coach. If I’m the Flyers I pay the man and move on.

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I would love nothing more than to add a quality leader in Jamie Benn. I would trade Jakub Voracek for Jamie Benn in a heart beat if I’m Chuck Fletcher. I believe the Stars should throw in a 6th round pick since Benn’s salary is $1.25 million more, and he has a NMC attached to his contract. This trade would benefit both teams, as I believe it’s time to break up the Flyers current core. Maybe a new face to the core would help freshen up the current core.

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Wayne Simmonds could fetch an immediate Mid-Level/Bottom 6 NHL player, a mid-grade prospect, and at the very least a 3rd round pick. The pick could be as high as second as he continues to pile up the goals. Fletcher and Simmonds’ agent have been conversing for about a week now, so a trade is not a definite thing anymore.

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Scott Gordon hasn’t had the time to fully implement his system. Gordon loves active Defencemen. When he was Head Coach of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. His Defencemen were very active in joining the rush. Where I’m getting at is sometimes you will have to rely on the good ole’ dump and chase, but more often than not he finally has skilled players that could carry the puck into the zone. The Flyers have done a great job at this in the past two games in this area. Sean Couturier was a beast against the Boston Bruins in this specific area, as he carried the puck into the zone with ease it seemed like.

Gordon lets his players be free, and they appear to be a little more comfortable while doing such. If they make a mistake, oh well you learn from it move on. The dump and chase will unfortunately have to be used at certain times though, depending on how the play is shaping up.

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Dale Weise will be moved via trade. Whether, if it’s at the trade deadline or whatever. He will be moved. If the Flyers are willing to eat some money (Which I’m sure they are), he will be moved sooner rather than later. Chuck Fletcher placed him on waivers to gauge the market for interest.

I do not believe the Flyers have interest in Derick Brassard. Brassard carries a MTC, with a $5 million cap hit. The problem here is he’s on an expiring contract at year’s end. The only way Fletcher would make this move for an expiring contract is if they were Playoff contenders. Unfortunately, we are not there yet, thus I can’t see the Flyers being active for his services. However, in the off-season who knows, but then you have Mikhail Vorobyev, Morgan Frost, and German Rubtsov vying for positioning with the big club.

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I would think the priority begins with a top 4 Defenseman, but I do agree with you on obtaining another sniper. However, it never hurts to add a 2C or 3C, and maybe one that can play on the penalty kill to boot. If Chuck Fletcher is looking for help on the Wing, hopefully he inquires about Artemi Panarin. Although, things have been quiet on his front for about a month now.

Honestly, Fletcher will add players beyond the scope of this season, with adding talent for next year. I personally do not see him acquiring playmakers, as I see him obtaining proven goal scorers, if he adds one at all. It’s about the future, and Fletcher will not obtain just to obtain. He will do his due diligence, and make this team better for the long haul. In the off-season I hope they do everything in their power to obtain either Mark Stone or Artemi Panarin.

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I believe Carter Hart is here to stay. Brian Elliott can’t stay healthy, and Michal Neuvirth can’t either. What harm is it for Hart to gather some NHL seasoning, and also get acclimated to the rigors of NHL hockey. The kid is playing good, and is calm as a cucumber for a 20-year-old. He should stay up with the Flyers for the remainder of the season. If he looked shaky, and inconsistent then maybe I would consider sending him down. However, with the exception for one game he has been very consistent, and confident. I would be very happy with a Hart/Stolarz tandem for the remainder of the season.

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Elliott isn’t healthy yet, Neuvirth isn’t healthy yet. Beings that Mike Mckenna has to stay with the Flyers for 30 days before they can opt to waive him again. It will be Mckenna for now. However, I think eventually Stolarz will be the backup Goaltender for the Flyers moving forward for the remainder of the season. They have to find out what they have in Stolarz, if he’s in the future plans of this franchise or not. My belief is that it will be a Hart/Stolarz tandem for the remainder of the season.

A cucumber is very calm…fa-sheezy. Do you see Hart kicking some butt? That’s how calm a cucumber is…seriously I love the jokes.

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Scott Gordon has done a phenomenal job, and I love the guy. He’s an easy guy to root for, and gives in-depth answers when you ask him a question. Gordon is passionate about the game, and I think he will find another head coaching position elsewhere. However, a Coach like Coach Q may not come around again. It’s a tough choice, but I will take Coach Q in the end. Coaches like this only come around once in a lifetime. Quenneville is a proven Stanley Cup winning coach. If I’m the Flyers I pay the man, and move on.

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Notable free agent Goaltenders:

Robin Lehner

Anders Nilsson

Sergei Bobrovsky

Jimmy Howard

Cam Talbot

Semyon Varlamov

Curtis McElhinney

Keith Kinkaid

Out of all these free agent netminders I would steer clear of Bobrovsky. He will be looking for a long-term deal, and would hinder playing time for Carter Hart. My three I wouldn’t mind seeing with the orange and black are Talbot, Nilsson, and Lehner. Lehner has been lights out for the New York Islanders this season. Now I could see Lehner, and Nilsson resigning with their respective clubs, and for me, this leaves us with Talbot.

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