2018-2019 Eagles Season Review: Each week in 1 Sentence


Talk about a miserable Monday in Philadelphia. Is it always sunny? Today it is dark, cold, and bitter to the full extreme. It pretty much feels like a bad break up that you had no control over the outcome. There is nothing you can do now but reflect, thank the players for an extended season, and look forward to next September.


What’s Next?

This is going to be the start of my season recap session of the birds and what I noticed from each game, player and where the team will be trending next season. There is a lot to intake, but first I’m going to look at all the games this season and simply summarize them into a one-sentence breakdown. Let’s get started.

Week 1 vs Atlanta Falcons: W 18-12

4th and goal, Same Result

Week 2 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: L 27-21

Defense gives up the big play as the offense can’t get in sync.

Week 3 Vs Indianapolis Colts: W 20-16

Wentz returns as the Eagles hold strong against the young Colts.

Week 4 vs Tennessee Titans: L 26-23

4th and long back breaker give Titans life and the Win.

Week 5 vs Minnesota Vikings: L 23-21

Vikings get revenge, Eagles comeback starts too late.

Week 6 vs New York Giants: W 34-13

An easy win and travel up the turnpike as the Birds spank the stinky Giants again.

Week 7 vs Carolina Panthers: L 21-17

Eagles win the first 3 quarters, Panthers win the game.

Week 8 vs Jacksonville Jaguars: W 24-18

A much needed win across the pond over the trash talking Jags.

Week 9 Bye Week (4-4)

Back to .500 and time to hit reset button

Week 10 vs Dallas Cowboys: L 27-20

Eagles sleep through the first half and suffer a critical loss at home.

Week 11 @ New Orleans Saints: L 48-7

Saints come marching in and stomp all over the Eagles in the dome. (That place sucks).

Week 12 vs New York Giants: W 25-22

Tale of two half’s, Jake Elliot slays the Giants again as the offense clicks and the defense holds.

Week 13 vs Washington Redskins: W 28-13

Eagles cruise to a victory over Sanchez and the depleted Redskins.

Week 14 @ Dallas Cowboys: L 29-23

Amari Cooper burns secondary in the second half and into OT, torching Jones back to back.

Week 15 @ Los Angeles Rams: W 30-23

Smallwood and Adams run all over the Rams as the Eagles fans invade LA again.

Week 16 vs Houston Texans: W 32-30

O-Line dominates the line of scrimmage, Foles drives it down the field late to set up Elliot for the win.

Week 17 @ Washington Redskins: W 24-0

Philly dominates on the field and in the stands. P.S. Thank you Chicago.

Wild Card Weekend @ Chicago Bears: W 16-15

Golden ending with a side of the double doink to sneak out of Chi-Town.

Divisional Round @ New Orleans Saints: L 20- 14

Fast Start, brutal middle, and a heartbreak ending slips through the Eagles hands.


Later this week I’m going to break down each player by position and give their year grade end grade, mini-analysis, and the future prediction of where they stand with the team. It’s going to be a long and an offseason of “what ifs”. but I think as an entire fan base we can all agree that we wouldn’t trade this team for anything. Go Birds, and Fly Eagles Fly.