Another year, another bump in the road for the Wentz Wagon


Quarterback Carson Wentz may have his season come to an end yet again in 2018. It was reported today that he seems to have back tightness/soreness. Head coach Dough Pederson was asked if it was caused during the Cowboys game from Sunday and stated “Nothing game related. He’s dealt with it, and so we’re going to continue to evaluate.” Carson did take 5 registered QB hits and 2 sacks during the game.


It is interesting to see the timing of this injury come into play. Pederson was also asked about Carson playing this Sunday night against the Los Angeles Rams and his current status. “Again, we are going to focus on today, get through today, and see where he is at by the end of the day.” Is this an excuse for his knee not being 100% recovered? Do they simply want to rest him for the remainder of the year? Have they thrown in the towel? Plenty of questions will keep being asked on the nature of this injury status. This would be Carson’s 4th well known injury since 2015. He’s suffered from a broken wrist, fractured ribs, ACL/LCL tear, and now this back injury.

Where it get’s interesting is when Coach Pederson was asked if this has been the first time this pain has been felt in Wentz’s back this season. “Sometimes he just gets a little sore, a little tight.” To start the diagnosis, he has been sacked 31 times this year in just 11 games. He took a total of 28 sacks in 13 contest during the 2017, and 33 in the entire 2016 season. Taking almost 3 sacks a game is not ideal for a QB who has had serious injuries early in his career. It is going to raise and pose the question, is Carson Wentz Injury prone?

Foles to Finish?

The worst part about this situation is that the Nick Foles fan boys will rise from the bench. No one will ever deny that Nick played some of the best playoff football last season in leading the Birds to the super bowl victory. With that being said, The 2018 Nick Foles that played in the first 2 weeks was not the same QB.  2 games played, 225.5 YPG, 1 TD, 1 INT, and 1 lost fumble is not the same guy that was on the field in January and February lighting up the Vikings and Patriots. He came in and did his job until Wentz returned in week 3. Getting the team to .500 and that is it. What I am worried about is that he will go on another magical run….which will lead to more drama around the situation.

If Foles steps in and goes 3-0, the Eagles have a high shot at making the playoffs. Granted, needing some help from the Panthers and Vikings, but it is possible. This would cause for an unneeded “QB Debate”. People will call for Foles to be the guy and want to trade Wentz away. Arguing that Foles should have played the entire season. It isn’t a debate! Put it to bed! Please! This is Carson Wentz’s team for the next 12-15 years. Let him get back to 100% before WE the fan base overreact.

Positing a 3:1 touchdown to interception ratio, 3,000 plus yards, and a rating of 102.2 are all elite numbers. The league has raised the bar even higher this year in the passing department. Carson is completing 69.6% of his passes which is 9% higher than his MVP caliber season last year. Let’s all take a deep breath and let the training staff do their job with #11.


Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports