Flyers Propsects Mailbag: Who is emerging as the Flyers top prospect during a dark time?


In this week’s “Flyers Prospects Mailbag” we have two fantastic topics of conversation. First, we will talk about Wade Allison, his injury struggle, and whether he will jump to pro hockey next season. After that, I will do my best to categorize a few of the prospects within the Flyers farm system.

Let’s rock!

Wade Allison is still working hard to be healthy enough to remain a constant presence on the Western Michigan roster. The team was hoping Allison would be able to return from the injury he sustained last January in either September or October. Unfortunately, Allison did not see his first game action until November 9th, where he made an immediate impact scoring a goal. He then missed the next two games, not playing again until last Saturday against North Dakota. Allison recorded a goal and an assist, giving him three points in two games.

When he is able to play, Allison is making his presence known, showing signs of an NCHC player of the year candidate. Sadly, consistently being healthy enough to play is the obstacle in Allison’s way.

In regards to turning pro next year, I think he plays his senior season at WMU. If he wasn’t facing the injury struggles that he is, my answer might be different. However, it’s unclear how much playing Allison is going to actually do this season. Another year at Western Michigan could be advantageous.

This question came from a few weeks ago but I really wanted to think long and hard about it. Categorizing each prospect is quite challenging and slightly unfair considering they are all still developing. However, I selected one or two players that I felt confident could be slotted into either the top prospect, bust, dark horse, and prospect most likely to be dealt categories.

Top Prospect

My two candidates for this category are quite obvious. There are no prospects within the Flyers farm system with more potential than Carter Hart and Morgan Frost. Yes, Hart is having an inconsistent start to his first professional hockey season. However, it does not change the fact that this young man will most likely be the face of Philadelphia goaltending for years to come. Frost is in the midst of another special season in the OHL and could very well leapfrog Lehigh Valley next season and play for the Flyers.


Labeling a young player as a bust is something I do not enjoy doing. It just does not feel right giving up on players this early in their career. However, Matej Tomek is looking more and more like a third-round pick that is not going to pan out. The 21-year-old netminder is struggling to receive playing time at Nebraska-Omaha and struggling when he gets an opportunity. The Flyers have a ton of promising goalie prospects. Unfortunately, Tomek is sliding out of that category quickly.

Dark Horse

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know who my dark horse candidate is already. I’ve been so impressed with the progress Wyatte Wylie has made this season in the WHL. The former fifth-round pick is already just eight points from his career-best total of 31. During a period in hockey where offensive-defensemen are incredibly valuable, Wylie is making the necessary steps to be effective in that role. He will certainly get some seasoning time in the AHL, but I think he has the potential to be an impactful member of the Flyers.

Prospect Most Likely to be Dealt

I don’t have a particular player in this category. Instead, my focus is on a particular position. I believe that any netminder not named Carter Hart has the potential to be dealt in exchange for an NHL-ready asset. As I mentioned, the organization is flush with young goalies. With Hart being the plan for the future, there simply is not enough room for all of the others. Whoever becomes the next General Manager will look to package one of these goalie prospects in a deal with hopes of turning the franchise around.

Thank you so much to all of the people who provided questions for Flyers ProspectsMailbag! If you missed out this week, keep an eye on Twitter for my next request for your prospect questions.


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