Five things Eagles fans should be grateful for on Thanksgiving


Today is Thanksgiving and it would only be right that in a time of showing gratitude, we take the positives from the Eagles season so far. It’s very easy to be negative when the defending Super Bowl champions are 4-6, but there’s plenty to be thankful for.

Super Bowl 52: 
This season may has been bitterly disappointing no matter who you ask and the Saints handing the Eagles the biggest defeat a defending Super Bowl champion has taken in NFL history didn’t make that any easier to swallow. But let’s not forget, whether this team loses every game from here on out or miraculously dons the underdog masks in the playoffs, we’re still under 12 months removed from the greatest moment in franchise history.

In case you’ve forgotten, Nick Foles led the Eagles to an incredible win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52. Sure, the Rams vs Chiefs game may have been one of the most exciting games of all time, but it wasn’t quite the ‘Philly Special’ was it?

So let’s all take a minute to sit back, relax, take a sip of your favorite drink and remember one of the most iconic sporting nights of all time.


Carson Wentz:
There’s a lot of things wrong with the Eagles offense, but Carson Wentz certainly isn’t one of them…(for the most part.) Despite being less than a year removed from an ACL and LCL tear, the franchise quarterback is somehow posting better numbers than he did during his MVP level season. He may not be as mobile or as lethal outside the pocket (duh, that’s going to take at least another year or so), but Wentz has come out swinging in every single game and refuses to say die. His character and heart can only be admired as the rest of the offense collapses around him and although the frustrations got the better of him against New Orleans, that game also accounted for 3 of his 6 interceptions this season. Wentz has been outstanding, all things considered and Eagles fans should take solace in the fact that they have finally found the man to lead their franchise into a long-term future that is hopefully filled with success.


Each other:
It’s been a torrid season, but Eagles fans are literally the best fans on this planet and don’t ever forget it. Need proof? Through 10 games of rollercoaster moments and emotional let downs, the team still rank 16th in average attendance. When you look at the exact numbers, things get interesting.

Home Total: 348,480

Home Average: 69,696

Home Capacity Percentage: 100.1

Away Total: 275,774

Away Average: 68,943

The Eagles are AVERAGING nearly the same amount of road fans as they do on a day at the Linc, isn’t that crazy?! Just think back to week 8 against the Jags in London where Eagles fans took over Wembley and turned a home game into a hostile road affair for the Jacksonville unit.

From the many twitter debates and memes to the sense of protection and love you feel at a game when surrounded by your Eagles family, don’t ever forget just how special this fanbase is, how loyal this fanbase is and how lucky you are to be a part of it, just as its lucky to have you.


The NFC East sucks: 
The Eagles may be at 4-6, but the NFC East is a mess right now. The injury to Alex Smith has left the division leading Redskins in a vulnerable state, while a sudden hot-streak from the Cowboys could come to a grinding halt given that they have to face the Saints, Colts and Eagles in their remaining games. As for the G-Men, well, they’re the Giants and mediocrity should be expected given their woeful opening eight games.

The division is there for the taking, it’s just down to the Eagles to get out of their own way and put themselves in a position to claim it. Not many teams can sit at 4-6 and realistically have an aim of winning their division, so that is definitely something to be thankful for.


The bigger picture:
In a worst case scenario where this season is a lost cause, there’s still plenty to be thankful for. The only reason that the Eagles are constantly worrying about their cap space is because of the way they’ve built the roster and backloaded contracts. That may sound difficult and that’s because it is, but if I was to tell you that all of the following players are signed through 2022, it presents a very strong core to build around.

Fletcher Cox
Nigel Bradham
Alshon Jeffery
Timmy Jernigan
Zach Ertz

Let’s not forget that Carson Wentz has his big payday coming too. There are very few teams with a core this strong signed for so long. Jason Kelce, Malcolm Jenkins and Michael Bennett for instance are all signed through 2021. This is a very, very strong foundation for Howie Roseman to build upon and that is something to be extremely thankful for.


Finally, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Philly Sports Network. Without you reading our work and interacting with us, this site wouldn’t exist. We genuinely do appreciate every single one of you reading this. Whether it’s your first time visiting the site, or you’ve been riding with us since day one, we can’t put into words how much it means to us to be able to provide content to the most passionate fans on Earth. So have an amazing day and thank you for everything.


Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports