Flyers’ Jake Voracek is having a Block Party and you’re invited!


It’s Wednesday, the wife is out of town and I’m laying around surfing through Twitter, per usual. I keep seeing tweets about Flyers forward Jakub Voracek and him celebrating his 29th birthday. Being the friendly man that I am, I decide to scoot on over to his Twitter to wish him a happy birthday, and am caught off guard.

That’s right, I’ve finally acquired the coveted “Voracek Block.”

After asking around, I found that apparently, this is pretty common amongst some of the Flyer faithful.

My inner wrestling fan can’t help but see Voracek sitting behind his screen, laughing as he blocks people on Twitter saying, “You just made the list!” Doing his best impersonation of Chris Jericho. However much I wish that were the case, it probably isn’t.

Most sports fans are notorious for “blocking out the hate.” Players don’t want to hear about whether you think he should shoot or pass, go top shelf or slide one under the pad. I’m sure Voracek gets his fair share of criticism from the Flyers fans, but he’s taking “blocking out the hate” to a whole new literal level.


The season hasn’t even started yet, and Jake Voracek already leads the team in blocks.

*Badump Tssssss*

In all seriousness, I understand where the man is coming from. Who doesn’t like to search their name on Google or Twitter and see what pops up? I do it time from time, and if you don’t, you should try it some time.

The best part, is Voracek is well aware of the moniker he is known for, as noted by his response to our friend Kerry’s tweet seen below.

After checking with my sources, Kerry still has access to Voracek’s tweets, but we will see how long that lasts.

The man has more blocks than a set of Lego’s. He’s blocked more people than Mia Khalifa has shamed for trying to slide into her DM’s. Point being, maybe Voracek just doesn’t care enough about all of our opinions to want to see them every time he logs onto Twitter.

Now I cannot recall a tweet that would have provoked this block, but I’m sure there was something I said that might have spurned this.

*Correction* After searching, I cannot find anything I could have said that warranted being blocked by Jake Voracek.

All Vorajokes aside, the man has endeared himself to the city of Brotherly Love, putting up 85 points last season, and no less than 46 since joining the Flyers from the Columbus Blue Jackets. His price tag is a hefty one, but he brings so many things to the table, most notedly the potential to help former number 2 pick Nolan Patrick develop into the stud that most analysts believe he can be.

Voracek is a very talented forward, and regardless of who he does and doesn’t block on Twitter, the man owes us no explanations.

Block on, Jake, the fans will continue cheering for you regardless, or continue to yell “SHOOT!”


Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport