A magician and an ageless wonder: Takeaways from day eight of Eagles Training Camp


The Eagles capped day eight of Training Camp with a slightly lighter practice today, with the booming beats of Travis Scott’s newly released ‘Astroworld’ in the background. So who was able to make the most of a relaxed atmosphere? Here’s all you need to know.


The grind:
If there’s one thing we love to see, it’s players waiting behind after practice to get in some extra work. This year is no exception, with two rookie underdogs staying out on the field to try and further their progress.

It speaks volumes about the culture in Philadelphia and the mentality of both Ostman and Mailata, both of whom will need that to really push themselves out of the realm of uncertainty and onto the roster bubble.


Down but not out:
Bryce Treggs has missed most of Training Camp so far but since returning to the field yesterday has made his presence felt.

The Eagles have plenty of room for opportunity when it comes to the wide receiver position and are still craving a long-term ‘deep-threat’ solution. Pederson is obviously high on Treggs, considering he’s been with the Eagles for three years now aside form a brief stint with the Browns. Will this be the year he does enough to make the final 53 again?



The little engine that could:
One of the brightest smiles this camp has come from Darren Sproles. The veteran running back is returning from a horrible injury for one last rodeo with the Eagles, but he doesn’t want to take the easy road.

We could see plenty from Sproles on special teams this season and if he really is as fast as everyone is reporting, his final season may also be his finest.


Wentz kept out:
The franchise quarterback saw a very light workload once again today and by this point, it’s crystal clear that the team don’t want to risk him or rush his progress.

Despite constant hounding from the media, Wentz’s return has always been and will continue to be the main priority for Pederson and the coaching staff. It’s just a case of trusting the process…


Magic man:
Jake Elliott won the hearts of fans everywhere with his stunning 61-yard game-winning field goal as time expired against the Giants last season. The former undrafted kicker appears to have more tricks up his sleeve as well as making all 18 attempts in camp thus far.

Is there anything Super Jake Elliott can’t do?



From outta nowhere:
One man who experienced a slower start to camp was Notre Dame’s Josh Adams. Injury appeared to set him back in OTA’s and his participation has been minimal, until recently.

Knowing he has a huge Mountain to climb, Adams HAS to attack the remainder of Training Camp and preseason. With Wendell Smallwood seeing the Lion’s share of carries, this kind of form has to continue.


‘What do now?’
The Eagles offense has rapidly become one of the most diverse in the NFL, but what on earth are defenses supposed to do to stop it wreaking havoc?

Watching coordinators scramble to try and find a defensive kryptonite will be very fun indeed.


A lighter day:

Zach Ertz appeared to have a rest day today and Wentz was limited. With no pads and a relaxed atmosphere, it seemed as if the Eagles eased up just a little today, bringing them into a much needed day off.

The hard-hitting intensity will resume next week.


Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports