The Eagles went out of their way to commemorate the life of a fallen hero

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The Philadelphia Eagles have always been known to be a classy organization. Are they busier than ever following their recent Super Bowl victory? Absolutely. Whether it be adding key free agents or restructuring contracts. General Manager Howie Roseman has done a wonderful job with maintaining a competitive football team.

One thing that sometimes goes unnoticed are the charitable deeds the Eagles do on a daily basis. There was one recent deed that made this one special family of a fallen hero happy. SGT. Steven Floyd was a Correctional Sergeant for the Department of Correction in Delaware. He worked at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, DE. Due to unfortunate circumstances, SGT. Floyd lost his life in the line of duty on February 1, 2017, but he managed to save countless of lives that day.

SGT. Floyd was a die-hard Eagles fan. He literally bled Eagles green. Floyd would passionately watch Eagles football every Monday, Thursday, or Sunday. He was also a great family man and was as charitable as they come. He would participate in an annual Diabetes walk and also play basketball with under privileged youth. The small things he would do, as he loved everyone he came into contact with.

This hero will forever be an Eagle. One that soars and watches all of those in need. Watching over his family, friends, and Brothers and Sisters at JTVCC. Here’s how the Eagles commemorated him to his loving family:

(Floyd’s family was overcome with emotion when receiving said items)

The classy Philadelphia Eagles continue to acknowledge the services, heart, dedication, trials and tribulations, hardships that some people go through on a daily basis. Life can be a struggle at times, but we as humans can never forget that there are some good times.