Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Hextall Aims To Complete The “Process”


The Flyers got off to a blazing start the day free agency opened. Ron Hextall shocked some analysts by opening the teams wallets with the signing of an extemely talented Winger in our beloved James Van Riemsdyk. This sent shockwaves to the rest of the NHL, and it had some Flyers fans singing Ricky Martin’s hit, “Livin’ La Vida Loca.”

Some analysts were skeptical about Hextall’s approach this off-season, with having approximately $21 million in cap space. The “Wizard,” in Hextall proved once again he’s trying his best to make the Flyers legit contenders for years to come. Following the JVR signing one question still remained: Are the Flyers done in free agency? Now they finally are I believe after inking RHD Christian Folin to a one-year $800,000 deal, as Hextall hopes to complete the “Process.” Without further delay, here are our answers to your questions.

Philippe Myers will indeed be given every opportunity to make the big club in the fall. Hextall will not sit Myers if he makes the team. With that being said if Myers plays his way onto the opening night’s roster, then newly acquired Christian Folin, and Radko Gudas would be benched. Robert Hagg is young, and Hextall wants to do everything on his power to let the young play.

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There’s no way shape or form that Hextall hasn’t at least inquired about Erik Karlsson’s services. If Hextall hasn’t, then he’s not doing his job. With that being said, are the Flyers all in on acquiring his services? Truthfully, I haven’t heard a peep about such. To acquire Karlsson the Flyers would have to give the house. I think it would start with Shayne Gostisbehere, multiple picks, at least one other prospect (Maybe more), and possibly another NHL ready player. Rightfully so, as Karlsson is still a young, talented Defenseman.

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Just with the addition of JVR I thought the Flyers could steal a playoff series in the 2018-19 season. By adding JVR it seemed to balance all four lines for the orange and black at least on paper. The Wing position was one of a few gaping holes the Flyers had as they entered this off-season.

With the depth addition of a Right-Handed Defenseman in Christian Folin. This solidified my gut feeling that they could steal a playoff series next season. Folin is an underrated signing as he plays the Penalty Kill well, but more importantly he’s not afraid to hit. This was a great signing by the “Wizard” in Hextall, as it is a just in case signing if Philippe Myers isn’t 100% ready for the big show in the Fall. At least now the Flyers have a Veteran they could lean on for help when called upon. With the moves Hextall has made he’s hoping the “Process,” is complete for now.

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Sending Jori Lehtera to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms is definitely a possibility to start the season. It all depends on who wins the current vacant third line Center position. Mikhail Vorobyev (Misha), Morgan Frost, Michael Raffl, Mike Vecchione, Scott Laughton, and Jordan Weal will all be vying for at least the third line Center position throughout training camp. Vorobyev, Vecchione, or Lehtera could realistically Center the fourth line in the event they don’t win the Center position on the third line. It will be interesting that’s for sure, so stay tuned.

Philippe Myers will indeed be given every opportunity to make the big club in the fall. Hextall will not sit Myers if he makes the team. With that being said if Myers plays his way onto the opening night’s roster, then newly acquired Christian Folin, and Radko Gudas would be benched. It will be interesting to see because Myers sat out the last day of Developmental camp with soreness. Is he ready for the grind of the NHL on a full-time basis in the fall? Only time will tell, but make no mistake about it. This kid will be a good player when he is eventually given his shot in the NHL.

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I have heard no rumblings of any trades, and this includes Wayne Simmonds post draft. Hextall is definitely inquiring about the asking price for Erik Karlsson since he has been made available. But, no trade is imminent. In Hextall’s presser this past Monday it sounds like he has faith in the current roster, and the vacant third line Center position would be filled within the organization. Hextall mentioned Michael Raffl, Jordan Weal, and Scott Laughton as potential third line Center replacements. Of course, Mikhail Vorobyev, and Mike Vecchione will get a look too. Moreover, with the addition of RHD Christian Folin, I think there content with the seven Defenseman currently on the roster. Myers will be given every opportunity to make the club this fall. Training camp should be fun for the position battles.

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Continued Ryan…Does the #Flyers signing of RHD Christian Folin scare you as much as it does me? From looks, he will be 7th Dman. But, do you in any way have that odd feeling he will play over one of the young guys?…and this is the problem. The only way I’m not concerned is, if one of the young guys are coming up they won’t be 7th D. I believe as long as Folin is very good at the P.K. which is what the Flyers are terrible at due to their sit back style as well as and in shut down situations he was brought in. If that’s what he can do then I don’t care if the player is a vet or rookie he is going to play and play a lot. I do suspect that there will he lineup shuffling as there always is throughout the year where Myers, Sanheim, Morin to all get into the lineup but not all at once prob for the best. But who do you see being the main guy out of all them who is getting into most of the games and not being forced to sit. Who is it that will be used in jey situations the most? I don’t believe the Flyers sign Folin if Morin isn’t injured.

Folin is a 6’3,” 204 pound beast. He hits with the best if them in the NHL. For the season in 2017-18, Folin was third on the LA Kings with 167 hits, averaged 15:39 TOI, was 5th on the team with 106 blocks, registered 3 goals, 10 assists, and was a minus 1 in 65 games played.

Another good part to Folin’s game is his PK skills. He’s become a very good penalty killer. Folin will throw down the gloves for his teammates also, but he usually winds up on the losing end if such. Ryan honestly you will like him. Just for the fact he’s a good penalty killer. We both know the Flyers could use all the help that they can get in that area of their game.

Ryan you are correct if Samuel Morin doesn’t get hurt, then Folin doesn’t get signed. It was a smart depth signing by Hextall. This will not block the young guys, to include Myers. If Myers wins the job in the fall great, if not at least we have Folin as a depth Defenseman to fall back on. Folin WILL not play over Robert Hagg, Travis Sanheim, or Myers (if he makes the big club). Mark my words.

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The goalie carousel will be an interesting topic in the fall for the Flyers. Things got a little more interesting yesterday as Alex Lyon filed for salary arbitration yesterday. This probably will not have an effect on his future with the club, but it’s still interesting. Hextall stated this past Monday he would carry 5 goalies if he had to in the fall. A Brian Elliott and Michal Neuvirth tandem would serve the Flyers. Alex Lyon, Carter Hart, and Anthony Stolarz would serve the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. However, I think after the free agency market dies a little more. Some desperate team will come after Neuvirth services via trade. That would make me feel a little comfortable, as rolling with five goalies may hinder the amount of games Hart sees as the full-time netminder for the Phantoms. Hart should see as many games as possible. He doesn’t need this goalie carousel.

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Hextall has done a phenomenal job at restocking our cupboard with tons of young talented prospects. We would not be in this position today if it weren’t for him. If the Flyers sustain a first-round exit this upcoming season. I guarantee Hextall has some magic in him for the off-season with gathering talent. For instance, Artemi Panarin will be an unrestricted free agent. Expect the Flyers to make a run at him. In short, Hextall will be safe next season regardless of what happens this season. Next season they should have the future in Carter Hart at the reins full-time. That’s when we could finally start judging Hextall for who he is as a General Manager.

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The Flyers are confident in their coaching staff, or a change would have already been made as soon as the off-season began. This team is faster than last year, so there are no more excuses as to why they can’t do the attack style system while on the PK.

Hakstol and his staff will get one more year to prove themselves. Look for an attack style system to be implemented this season, as the Flyers finally have the speedy personnel to pull this off. Gone…cross our fingers…are the days of the sit back style. Attack the opponents before they enter our zone, thus making things a little more difficult for our opponents. Try to make our opponents become predictable with the dump and chase.

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Jody Boyer- Taylor Leier and Alex Lyon have filed for salary arbitration. Will the Flyers let any of the two walk?

Taylor Leier filing for salary arbitration shocked me, whereas I’m not so shocked Alex Lyon did. If the Flyers let one walk its Taylor Leier. I don’t understand what leg Leier has to stand on. Leier tallied 5 points in 39 games played in 2017-18. Moreover, this former member of the “Honey Bees,” line has only tallied 7 career points as a member of the Flyers. I can understand his frustrations with not being afforded playing time, to which Leier could get more playing time elsewhere. But, that’s when you request a trade. Although, it’s a sticky situation the Flyers will try to renegotiate with both to avoid arbitration, and both will still remain with the Flyers organization.

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