One under the radar Flyers signing could be poised to make a big impact in the future


Letttts go Flyers duh-duh-duh-da-duh. Now that the Flyers finally have some cap space. It feels like its the first time since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, they’re able to spend some moolah in the off-season.

There are some key additions the Flyers could use at this point in their rebuild. Help ranges from a veteran top pairing Right-Handed Defenseman to a third line Center. However, there is one low key addition that could provide the orange and black some bang for their buck in the future. How about signing a 20 year old in Ivan Kosorenkov from the Victoriaville Tigres to an entry-level contract, as he’s currently an undrafted free agent?

The Flyers have had a great history of signing some pretty good undrafted free agents. For instance, Tim Kerr, Philippe Myers, and most recently Mike Vecchione were all signed as undrafted free agents. Kosorenkov is a Right Wing speed machine. He flashed his skills last summer when he was signed by the Flyers under a PTO for rookie camp, and that contract was extended into training camp.

Kosorenkov was eventually released from his PTO by the Flyers after training camp, as many remember under the assumption it was for contractual limitations. After a blistering year for the Victoriaville Tigres in 2017-18, where Kosorenkov potted 36 goals, and 46 assists for a total of 82 points in 63 games played. What better time is it to offer this young prospect a contract? The Flyers appear to be unwilling to offer their current prospect Center Anthony Salinitri (Drafted by the Flyers in 2016) to an entry-level contract, so why not add Kosorenkov?

This young stud in Kosorenkov has a great hockey IQ, to pair with his beautiful hands. Kosorenkov has a blistering shot, and can hit the net with accuracy. Moreover, the orange and black are in dire need of speed. Speed to compete with teams like their divisional rivals in the Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Columbus Blue Jackets. Imagine this Flyers fans: What if the Penguins beat the Flyers to the punch, and signed Kosorenkov? Would we eventually like to play against him four times a year? Of course not. Kosorenkov is an ideal candidate to be scooped up by teams like the Penguins, and the Capitals. Both teams are against the cap, so adding this low key free agent could do the trick for both of those franchises eventually.

The Flyers are nearing the contractual limit of 50 players. However, with some moves to be made this off-season they should still fall short of such. If Kosorenkov doesn’t impress as his contract expires, then so be it let him walk. This low key signing could pay off big time, and if it does it’s a win-win for the Flyers.

Hopefully, Hextall signs Kosorenkov to an entry-level contract. Kosorenkov could add a speed dimension to this team that we haven’t seen in some time. Moreover, the Flyers have nothing to lose with adding Kosorenkov to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms roster next season. As a matter of fact for once the orange and black have all to gain from this low key signing. One thing is certain Flyers fans, the future is bright in Flyer land.


Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports