The Gallant Tale of Seranthony of Dominguez: Chapter 1


This is a dramatized telling of how Seranthony Dominguez arrived in the majors and set records. While all parts of these stories are based in fact, they have been embellished for your reading pleasure. Now, join me on an epic quest following a humble pig farmer on the farm…..

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

The sun shines on the woods of Northwestern Penn. Farmhands, about 2 dozen in number, can be seen working on the multi-acre Leighigh Valley pig farm. Two roughened men, one in his mid 40’s and another almost 60, stand leaning on a fence watching their field with intent.

The more experienced man is that of Gary Jones. Standing at a modest 5 foot 9 inches, Jones used to be an advisor for the great King Madden of Chicago, but now finds himself the owner of a minor pig ranch near the Fiefdom of Allen.  The other is David of Lundquishire, a servant of the realm of Philadelphia for 11 years. His duty has been to search out young men that can be molded into potential knights of the realm.

“David, what is thine perception of our newest squire?”, Jones inquires.

David pauses for a moment. He looks upon young Anthony tending to several swine.

“He be not the tallest nor most intimidating, but never in all my days have I seen a squire with greater composure and potential. The way he maneuvered against the red-winged men of Rochester was masterful. They couldn’t hit him in the slightest,” stated David. “I have no doubt that he will one day be a fine knight for Lord Kapler.”

Jones nods in agreement. “‘Twas my assessment as well. A raven was sent yesterday dusk to the Kingdom of Philadelphia. I expect a messenger be here on the morrow.”

A voice rings out in the distance. It is that of town crier Chris the Roman.


“Ah, it seems he has arrived earlier than expected,” states Jones.

A single rider in ornate armor enters the vicinity of the ranch with a small carriage, big enough for no more than 2 citizens of the realm. He rides through the gates, close to Anthony the farmhand.

The rider dismounts from his noble steed. He glances toward the pig pen. He points at Antony.

“Are you the one whom they call Anthony Ambioris of Dominguez?”

The young squire somewhere in his early 20’s turns to acknowledge the man. He stands just over 6 feet with just enough muscle to be considered a threat to an enemy. He addresses the man in front of him.

“I am he, how may I be of service,” the soft but manly voice inquires.

“You are to be taken to the palace of Citizens Bank and be knighted by King Klentak himself. You, from that point onward, will be known as Seranthony. It will be an honor to have you as part of our guard in these troubled times.”

Anthony is taken aback. He knows not what to say. A period of awkward silence ensues. It is soon broken by the messenger. He reaches out his hand to Anthony.

“It is time to go son. Step aboard and soon enough will we arrive in the Phillies capitol of Philadelphia.”

Anthony takes hold and is loaded into the carriage. Before the door closes he shouts, “¡Mis amigos! A pesar de que pasé poco tiempo aquí, nunca te olvidaré. Adios y espero verte a mi lado en Filadelfia.” (My Friends! Even though I spent only a short time here, I will never forget you. Goodbye and I hope to see you along side of me in Philadelphia.)

The carriage door closes. The horses nay and start their gallop. The fellow farmhands wave goodbye to the soon to be Seranthony.

….to be continued!


Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports