5 ideal trade targets and packages for the Sixers


With the trade deadline right around the corner, the 76ers have have mere days to pull off a trade. They could stand pat at the deadline or choose to make a move in order to bring in some help for a playoff push. If they elect to shake things up a bit, here are some players and potential trade ideas that would make sense for the the team.


Lou Williams
Lou Williams was originally drafted by the 76ers in 2005 with the 45th pick. I’m sure he’d gladly accept a return home. I don’t think anyone expected an undersized shooting guard to have the career that he has had. He’s currently averaging 23.5 points per game and shooting a career best 39% from deep. The former NBA Sixth Man of the Year would be a welcoming sight on a team that lacks a scoring punch off their bench. I’m sure the Clippers wouldn’t mind throwing in Sam Dekker seeing as he doesn’t get much playing time and he hasn’t worked out for the team the way they had hoped.

76ers Trade: Jerryd Bayless, Justin Anderson, own 2018 1st round pick (lottery protected in 2018, top 3 protected 2019, unprotected 2020)

Los Angeles Clippers Trade: Lou Williams and Sam Dekker


Marco Belinelli
Marco Belinelli is a known marksmen. He won the NBA Three-Point Shootout in 2014 and is a career 37% three point shooter. He comes from storied franchises like the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs. He would be a perfect catch and shoot weapon for Ben Simmons and Co. The veteran shooter would fit perfectly into Brett Brown’s system.

76ers Trade: Amir Johnson, Justin Anderson, own 2018 2nd round pick

Atlanta Hawks Trade: Marco Belinelli and Malcolm Delaney


Tyreke Evans
Tyreke Evans is having a phenomenal season with the Memphis Grizzlies. He’s averaging 19.5 points and 5 rebounds and assists while shooting 39% from deep. He can play and defend both guards and the small forward position, especially playing next to Ben Simmons. He would bring a new dimension off the bench for them. If the 76ers do give up their first rounder to acquire Tyreke, you can expect the team to offer him a new contract when the season is over. Now, the Grizzlies don’t want to take Jerryd Bayless’ contract on and the Sixers are hesitant to include their first round pick. If the Grizzlies throw in JaMychal Green, a serviceable four who is under contract for another season, and the 76ers give up Amir Johnson, who’s on a one year deal, instead of Bayless, everyone is happy.

76ers Trade: Amir Johnson, Justin Anderson, their own 2018 1st round pick (lottery protected in 2018, top 3 protected in 2019, unprotected in 2020)

Memphis Grizzlies Trade: JaMychal Green, Tyreke Evans


Jordan Clarkson
This one is a bit weird right? Well we know the Lakers are looking to unload Clarkson in order to make room for a big name free agent or two. Clarkson is under contract until 2020. That means that the Sixers would have a young, talented scoring combo guard to come off their bench for another couple seasons. If Redick leaves in free agency and Markelle Fultz slides into the starting shooting guard spot, a backup guard spot opens up. Clarkson would perfectly slide in there. He wouldn’t have a problem playing next to Fultz, Simmons or T.J. McConnell. The sixers shouldn’t trade a first rounder since everyone around the league knows that the Lakers want to unload Clarkson. Throwing them a few second rounders and Amir Johnson’s expiring contract could get the Lakers to bite.

76ers trade: Amir Johnson, own 2018 second round pick, own 2019 second round pick.

Los Angeles Lakers trade: Jordan Clarkson


Evan Fournier
The Orlando Magic are in a hard “Sell,Sell,Sell!” mode right now. There have been recent rumblings that they might even be shopping Aaron Gordon. Fournier is on the books until 2021. He would instantly bolster the Sixers bench. Fournier is not only a shooter (career 38% 3 point shooter) but a silky smooth scorer. He could play the 2 or the 3 spot and take some of the scoring load off of Joel Embiid. An expiring deal and a first rounder should get the job done.

76ers trade: own 20181st round pick (lottery protected in 2018, top 3 protected in 2019, unprotected in 2020), Amir Johnson and Justin Anderson

Orlando Magic Trade: Evan Fournier, 2020 second round pick from Nets or Knicks(less favorable)