Trevor Booker says this Sixers team is ‘the most promising’ process he’s been a part of


Much has been said about that fateful Jahlil Okafor trade recently, but none of it seemingly surrounding that the Sixers got in return for the once coveted big man and Nik Stauskas. 30-year old Trevor Booker has flown under the radar since being traded to Philadelphia, but his handprints and influence can already be seen across the board.

Booker has always been renowned for his work ethic. In fact, each year he’s been in the league, every core stat has risen. The veteran power forward was originally drafted by the Washington Wizards, but since then Booker has been used to adapting to new surroundings, moving to both Utah and Brooklyn before traveling up the I-95. They say experiencing different cultures can give you different perspectives on life, but for Booker, his ethos has always been the same.

“My biggest thing is probably just playing hard.” Booker said with a light smile on his face after the first practice in London earlier today. “That’s the type of player I am, that’s what I’m known for. I want to bring that here and hope it rubs off on the players.”

Booker joined a team that was on the rise. The revolution was here. Embodying the 1776 origins of their name, this Sixers team has learned to play hard each and every night. The likes of T.J McConnell and Ben Simmons symbolize a culture that’s built around the emotional connections to Head Coach Brett Brown and with an infusion of young an exciting talent, this team is locked and loaded for a playoff run.

“It means a lot.” Booker said. “I’ve been a part of a couple of building processes and this is another one. This could be…” He paused for a moment and smiled. “The most promising one.”

His contract may be expiring, but the impact he has already made on the team certainly is not. One of the three veterans on the team, even Ben Simmons noted the importance of having Booker inside the locker room.

“We’ve got more players.” Simmons alluded to when asked today what the main difference was between last year’s team and this years. “Three vets who are helping a lot and we got Jo back which makes a huge difference.”

If there’s one man who trusts the process, it’s Trevor Booker.


Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports