Eagles Film Room: Why the Super Bowl dream is still alive with Nick Foles at quarterback


It’s hard to comprehend, but the fate of the Eagles Super Bowl dream rests on the shoulders of Nick Foles. A quarterback who has been here before, there are plenty of reasons to be both excited and anxious as to how the offense will run. The good news is, not much will change and the game against the Rams showed why.

Much has been said about how the offense will run without one of the most explosive quarterbacks in the league, but as far as Doug Pederson and Frank Reich are concerned, things stay the same.

“There will be very minor, minor tweaks to the game plan. I mean, this is our system.” Reich said on Tuesday. “This is what we — we built the system, certainly it starts at quarterback, but it’s really built around all the talent that we have on offense. And good for us that all our quarterbacks are talented. Now [QB] Carson [Wentz] has some unique, physical traits that he does exceptionally well, but it’s nothing that Nick can’t handle. So we’re full steam ahead.”

When Foles was dropped into the game, it was in a situation where watering down the offense wasn’t an option. Down by four points to one of the league’s most punishing defenses, Foles was forced to throw accurately and regularly. It didn’t take long for the sixth-year quarterback to heat up. Even though he hadn’t started a game since November last year, Foles made a pair of beautiful throws to Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor, putting the team in perfect field position for Jake Elliott to tally six points.

As this film room piece breaks down, all is not lost with Nick Foles at the helm. The Super Bowl dream is still very much alive.


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