Five bold predictions for Eagles week 14 showdown with Rams


The Eagles are just one day away from one of their most important games of the year. The Birds are now in their second home, Los Angeles. Jared Goff and the Rams await in a matchup that may happen more than once this season. Naturally, it’s time for another Bold predictions article. We’re 19/55 on the season so far and had our first strikeout of the season last week. Here are the five bold picks for this week’s game.


Home field advantage:
It’s now well known that the Eagles have made L.A their home on the West Coast. A motivational team-talk from Kobe Bryant, bobbleheads from Mike Trout and a casting-call for Rams fans from Fox sports for their pregame show highlight just how much love there is for the Eagles out in the City of Angels. Just as they did against the Chargers, they’ll be looking to capitalize on that this Sunday.

My first bold prediction is for the Eagles to return to their dominant ways, silencing the doubters and putting up 30 points against the Rams. With the hard-count on their side and a legion of fans behind them, the Eagles offense should come out firing on all cylinders.


Anything you can do, I can do better:
The long awaited duel between Carson Wentz and Jared Goff will take place tomorrow. Of course, much of the spotlight will be placed on the two MVP candidates who were drafted one after the other in 2016. This will be anything but a showcase for McVay and Pederson to show off their polished prospects, but we can expect a fair amount of gunslinging.

Wentz still put up 348 yards against the Seahawks, despite it being arguably his worst performance of the season. I’m predicting Wentz to not only match what Jared Goff is able to create on play-action looks, but outshine him in yards, touchdowns, QBR and interceptions.


Back to basics:
The Eagles seemed too conservative on offense one week ago and the rushing attack was anything but consistent, with Wentz being asked to throw 45 times. Jay Ajayi seemed to run angrily, but his opportunities were still few and far between after the first half. The Birds need to get back to their old ways that have worked so well all season and led them to 10 consecutive 100+ yard rushing performances and one of the most efficient backfields in the NFL.

My third bold prediction is for the Eagles to amass 150 yards on the ground and at least two rushing touchdowns.


Darby bounces back:
Ronald Darby;’s return to the Eagles was undulating at best. After a bouncy start against the Cowboys, things went a little downhill. From two first down passes allowed early on, to a brutal PI call that then turned into a Seahawks touchdown, Darby rebounded well, but it wasn’t all easy. He will now face a tough task against an offense that starts off most of their plays so similarly but can all end so incredibly different. Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp will draw a lot of attention and Darby will need to be at his best to prevent a shootout from emerging.

Penultimately, I’m predicting Ronald Darby to bat away three passes and pick off his second pass of the year.


Burton’s breakout:
Zach Ertz is officially listed as questionable with a concussion and if he’s unable to go, then it will be down to Trey Burton to step up to the mark. Even if Ertz is able to go, the Eagles have a wildcard in Burton that can sting even the most suspecting defenses.

My final bold prediction is for Trey Burton to receive for 65 yards and his third touchdown of the year.



Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports