What went right and wrong for the Eagles and their quest for NFC Supremacy in week 12


The Eagles are beginning to create some space between themselves and the rest of the pack in the race for a #1 seed and a quest for NFC supremacy. But while their 31-3 dismantling of the Bears careered the Eagles further atop the league, there are some teams refusing to go down without a fight.


Next two games:

@ Seahawks
@ Rams

The Eagles are 8-0 in conference play this season and cemented their place at the top of the pack with their firm win over Chicago. While the rise of Carson Wentz stole headlines again, four fumbles and eleven penalties showed a sloppier side to the league’s best team. The Eagles face two teams deep inside the playoff hunt over the next fourteen days and will need to polish up those problems if they are to keep their current stature at the top of the pecking order.



Next two games:

@ Falcons
@ Panthers

The Case Keenum led Vikings are defying expectations at every corner. The long-term backup is finally emerging as a capable starter and helped upset a Detroit Lions team who are usually consistent on Thanksgiving. The Vikings rank fifth in total offensive yards per game and their rushing attack has been just as impressive as their passing, but their real strength lies on the defensive side of the ball. Like the Eagles, Minnesota faces two fixtures against teams who will be licking their lips at a chance to climb the rankings as the back end of the season draws near. A slip up for either the Eagles or the Vikings isn’t exactly impossible…and could change the shape of the NFC race drastically.



Next two games:

@ Arizona
Vs Philadelphia

The L.A Rams may be the one of the hottest teams in football right now. The battle between Wentz and Goff promises to be one of the matchups of the season and if the Rams can walk out of Arizona with another win (which is likely), then there will be more at stake than 2016 draft pick pride. The Rams are breathing heavily down the necks of Minnesota and Philadelphia and a dramatic win over the Saints was exactly what the doctor ordered for Sean McVay and company. With every team around them making progress, these conference matchups will be more pivotal than ever and a real test for McVay and his prized quarterback.



Next two games:

Vs Carolina
@ Atlanta

A pair of shootouts await Drew Brees and the Saints after they fell to a narrow defeat on Sunday. Alvin Kamara and Melvin Ingram are showing signs of being as effective as the 2011 Super Bowl winning backfield committee once was, but it will be interesting to see there New Orleans go from here. Without Lattimore and some further setbacks defensively, the team struggled to contain the Rams skill positions. Christian McCaffrey awaits in a fierce rivalry game, before facing Julio Jones who just registered his third career 250+ yard game. It’s a tough road from here on out.



Next two games:

@ Saints
Vs Minnesota

The Panthers barely eeked out a win over the New York Jets and now have two tough challenges ahead. The Vikings defense will be just as challenging, only adding a top 10 offense and a flurry of receiving options into the mix, while the Saints will not be taking this game lightly. If the Panthers are to really establish themselves as a playoff team, they simply have to win one of their next two.



Next two games:

Vs Minnesota
Vs New Orleans

The Falcons finally seem to be clicking offensively after a Super Bowl hangover. It’s taken a while, but Matty Ice is finding his groove and the defense is following suit. The toughest win came at Seattle one week ago, and letting a Ryan Fitzpatrick led Bucs team hang around just two weeks removed from obliterating a Dallas team mid-demise don’t instill confidence that the Falcons are a team who will be in this hunt for long…especially if they drop one of their next two games. The Falcons are on the outside looking in, but if Jones can keep up his insane form, they may not be for that much longer.



Next two games:

Vs Philadelphia
@ Jacksonville

Seattle’s offense looked as if it’s finally worked out the kinks in their win over the Niners…and it’s just as well, because they now face two of the toughest defenses in the league. Russell Wilson faces an incredible test as he pushes his Seattle team who have won two of their last three into a situation that is quite literally do-or-die. Either they rise up and shut down two of the brightest defenses in the league…or it’s wildcard time for Pete Carroll.


Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports