Philly Sports Network roundtable: Predicting the result of Eagles vs Broncos


We’re just a couple of hours away from what may be the toughest challenge that the Eagles have faced this season. As excitement and tension builds, it’s time to ask our writers how they think today’s home stand against the Broncos will pan out.


Liam “Cup of Tea” Jenkins: 6-1
The Broncos Defense will throw everything they have at the Eagles. This game will be won and lost in the trenches and while Denver can stop any team in the league from sparking a fire, can they start their own? With Osweiler’s return, it will be interesting to see how the team respond, but do they have enough momentum on offense to keep up with the explosive Eagles outfit? I don’t think so. This will be a bruising affair, but the Eagles have too much firepower for Denver to extengisuish the flame.

Broncos 10 Eagles 27


Chris “Has the best sounding name of any of our writers” Coviello 6-1
The Eagles welcome the Broncos to the Linc on Sunday as the team looks to move to 8-1 before their bye next week. The Broncos are fresh off a change at quarterback and now Brock Osweiler is at the helm. Osweiler has been wildly inconsistent throughout his career and is not much of a upgrade over former starter Trevor Siemian. The Eagles would be wise to put the pressure on Osweiler and try to force a turnover or two, which he’s known to do. The big issue for the Eagles on Sunday will be moving the ball against the Broncos “No Fly Zone”. Wentz will have his work cut out for him. I see the Eagles having a hard time putting the ball in the end zone and calling upon Jake Elliott heavily. The Broncos offense is too much of a mess to threaten in this one.

Broncos 9 Eagles 22
Tyler “The need for” Steege 5-1
Broncos defense is good, but their offense is being led by Brock Osweiler. The Eagles are too good of a team to lose this one.
Broncos 10 Eagles 23
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