Eagles reveal uniform combo for Thursday Night Football


Thursday Night Football means the return of Color Rush jerseys…well, for most teams. The Eagles have announced their chosen combination on Twitter today and well…there isn’t much in the way of color.

The idea of a whiteout uniform is interesting, but it would be a lot more exciting if we weren’t treated to the combination just a few weeks ago in the team’s only loss of the season. Last season the Eagles sported their alternate “black” jerseys on several occasions, with the #BackInBlack combination surging in popularity as a result.

Maybe this is all a decoy and the Eagles have a flamboyant alternate uniform that we’re unaware of. Probably not. But while every other team suit up like Power Rangers, the Eagles are rolling out with a comfortable combination which is a little underwhelming. But hey, at least it isn’t anything that’s a little too much or combines with the other team to look like a Christmas Tree. Sometimes playing it safe works best.

But before we all get caught up in the autumn/winter 2017 jersey collection, let’s just remember It’s not how the team are dressed, it’s how they play on the night that matters…and this is a team that have been doing more than just raising eyebrows this season at 4-1.


Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports