Philly Sports Network roundtable: Predicting the outcome of Eagles week two clash with Chiefs


Gameday is finally here. The Eagles are preparing to face the Kansas City Chiefs in a week two clash that’s destined to be one filled with excitement. So, we decided to go around the metaphoric Philly Sports Network table and ask all of our Eagles writers to give their predictions. Who will have the most correct predictions at the end of the season? It’s time to find out…


Liam “Cup of Tea” Jenkins
I think this game will be both won and lost in the trenches. Injuries to the secondary plague both teams and while the Chiefs ran rampant on the Patriots, I don’t think the front four will allow Kareem Hunt much in the way of success later today. It all comes down to confidence and optionality for me, and Andy Reid has seen just about every situation imaginable and should know how to contain an offense that’s built on the same foundations as his own. It will be low-scoring, it will be ugly. But I’m expecting the Eagles to fall to the Chiefs today.

Score prediction: Eagles 21-28 Chiefs


Quentin “Not LeGarrette” Blount
I’m giving the Eagles’ the edge on offense, especially with the loss of Eric Berry. The Patriots were able to move the ball in week 1 against KC, and Gillislee had three goaline TDs. Not that I think Blount will have three touchdowns himself, but he should be able to punch in one or two if the offense gets him close enough. In addition, I think the Wentz-Ertz connection should be able to move the chains effectively, like they did in week 1. If the offensive line can hold up against the Chiefs’ pass rush, the Eagles will have a great chance to pull off an upset.

As far as the Chiefs’ offense goes, while I think they may have a slight edge against the Eagles’ defense, outside of Tyreke Hill, they aren’t that scary on the outside. If it weren’t for a miss communication in the Pats’ secondary, Tyreke probably wouldn’t have had that huge TD in week 1. I know Kareem Hunt impressed by a large margin last week, but I think the Eagles’ front seven will play better than the Pats did. That, in addition to having Jordan Hicks locking down the middle of the field, and hopefully, Travis Kelce, I think the Eagles’ defense has the potential to really surprise in KC.

Final score prediction: Eagles 31 – Chiefs 24


Tyler “The need for” Steege:
The Chiefs are a good team, but beating the Patriots in New England on opening night has people somewhat overrating Kansas City. The Birds’ DLine is a different monster than New England’s. Give me the team with the better QB. Eagles 27, Chiefs 24.”


Brenden “My picks are” Pedigree
The Eagles face a tough test in Kansas City as the Chiefs are coming off of a big week one win against the Patriots and ten days of rest. The test gets tougher as the Eagles will be without cornerback Ronald Darby and will have to fit some pieces together to defend the likes of dynamic wide receiver Tyreek Hill, rookie running back Kareem Hunt and tight end Travis Kelce. The Eagles offense was no slouch in week one either. The game will come down to who gets to the quarterback. The Eagles defensive line is dominant, elite even. And Carson Wentz is Harry Houdini meets Brett Favre. Rookie and week two addition kicker Jake Elliot will play a role in this game. Perhaps even hitting a game winner as time expires. Doug Pederson takes down his mentor as the Eagles are all over Alex Smith all day.

Eagles 23 Chiefs 21


Chris “Has the best sounding name of any of our writers” Coviello
After finally conquering the pesky Redskins, the Eagles travel to Kansas City to take on old friend Andy Reid and the Chiefs.  Not only are the Eagles playing the Chiefs on the road but also on extra rest. We all know Andy Reids’ record with extra time to prepare. Doug better have a few tricks up his sleeve if he’s going to get past his mentor. The Chiefs are also breaking away from a bland, ball control offense, to one that is showing signs of dynamic explosiveness. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt looks like the real deal and is going to be a handful for the Birds. Throw in 2nd year wide receiver Tyreek Hill and you’re going to have a tough time covering the whole field.

CHIEFS WIN IF…Alex Smith distributes the ball like a masterful point guard and controls the clock, the elite pass rushers of the Chiefs (Houston, Hali, Ford, Jones) pressure Carson Wentz into inaccurate throws and maybe a turnover or 2.
EAGLES WIN IF…Carson Wentz is special, the run game gets going, the new kicker doesn’t blow it, the o-line gives Wentz time, the D limits the Chiefs weapons, the pass rush brings the heat and the secondary is stable without Darby.
What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below.
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