Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills says his first career interception was for Ronald Darby


The Eagles start this season just as they started the last, with a win. One year ago, seventh round pick Jalen Mills stepped onto the field against Cleveland in place of Leodis McKelvin. On Sunday, Mills lined up as a starter for the Eagles, matching up against the likes of Terrelle Pryor throughout the game.

Mills ended the first game of 2017 leading the team in tackles as well as batting down two passes, but more importantly he came up with his first career interception in a time of need. The Redskins drove down to the Eagles 19-yard line with a chance to take the lead in the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Sophomore cornerback Jalen Mills was able to pluck away a misfire from Kirk Cousins and send momentum surging back into the Eagles favor.

Mills took to Twitter to make one thing clear. His first career interception was for Ronald Darby.

Darby suffered a dislocated ankle early in the game and was carted off the field. The remaining duo of Mills and Robinson were left on islands, with the help of versatile safeties to fill in where needed. Mills held his own and more importantly wanted to make sure that he avenged his injured teammate who like Mills is only really just beginning his NFL career.

What’s really encouraging, is to see the former Bills corner respond to the Green Goblin’s quote.

We’re still unsure as to how long Darby will be out, but with MRI’s to be conducted tomorrow we can expect a more concrete answer soon. As of right now, the chemistry between the two starting cornerbacks is glowing and the Eagles are flying high, making sure they leave no Bird behind.

Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports