Undrafted free agent spotlight: What does TE Billy Brown bring to the Eagles Offense?


Last offseason, new Head coach Doug Pederson, spent a lot of his time looking for a fourth tight end, who could be used in a cluster of ways. Special teams were obviously a priority but a prospect who could split out wide in the pass game, block on the line of scrimmage, and be a lead blocker in the run game were just as important to Pederson..just ask Trey Burton.

As the 2017 NFL Draft came, some wondered if Pederson would find the same approach and look for another player who could be the man for the job. When it was all said and done, there hadn’t been a selection made that fit the criteria of such a versatile monster, instead, the Eagles brass waited until afterwards to find him.

Enter TE Billy Brown, out of Shepherd University. Brown possesses the size (6’4 255 LB’s), pure speed, and skill set to be a play maker for the Birds offense. Considered a “tweener” by some analysts, Brown was an absolute animal against lesser opponents. To go along with his great build, he has the strong hands, and testicular fortitude to go across the middle and pluck throws out of the air. Using his size well, Brown has at times looked more like a power forward coming down with rebounds, as he boxes out defenders.

Despite standing a little tall in his breaks, he runs a plethora of  routes and always seems to separate well at the top of them. With a thick base, he offers much after the catch and is capable of deflecting tackles and fights for extra yards most of the time. What makes him such a strong prospect, is his versatility in the pass and run game, he plays a real team-first style and doesn’t shy away from contact. He strives as a run blocker, as he stays with his man and finishes plays, helping open holes for other receivers.

He followed his 89 receptions, 1,492 yards and 10 TD’s, in 2015, with 99 catches, 1,580 yards and a ridiculous 22 TD’s, in the 2016 season. Which garnered him All-MEC , First-Team All-Super Region (Division-2) honors, as he was considered one of the best D-2 players in college football.

Brown gets knicked for his competition as he played at a “Small School”, but when you study the tape, he did what you’re supposed to do, dominate. In every area of the game, he was a dominant force and stuck out as the biggest fish in a small pond.

When talking to scouts and analysts about Brown, the consensus seems to be, that he could be a legit weapon in the NFL. One source even going on to say

Brown, could be a monster in the league. iIf he plays to his potential, we could be looking at a Jordan Reed, from Washington (Redskins), or something like that. He has all the tools to be a scary player, and if he gets cleaner in his route running, learns to lower his pad level, and just continues his growth, he could be a match up nightmare.”

Coach Pederson’s, search may come to a screaming halt with the addition of Brown. With an infusion of youth, Brown could be a perfect prospect to grow with 2nd year QB, Carson Wentz. The idea of the 6’4 TE/WR, added to WR’s Alshon Jefferey, Jordan Matthews, Torrey Smith, and Zach Ertz, is a wonderful thing to imagine and serves as a bad dream for defensive coordinators. A bad dream, they won’t be able to wake up from.


Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports