Flyers Draft: Getting to know potential third-round target, C Zach Solow


By now, every Flyers fan known to man is aware that the team have the second overall pick in this years NHL Draft. Many analysts believe the Flyers will focus heavily on Wingers and Centers throughout the event..and while that number two pick is getting a lot of attention, the team can find some real value in the heart of the Draft. So who may the Flyers target in the third round? Enter Center Zach Solow, an American born player that plays for the Dubuque Fighting Saints in the USHL. After recently conducting a phone interview with this young, determined prospect, Solow left an impression that he knows what it takes to be a member of the historic Flyers franchise.

Solow was born on November, 6, 1998, in Naples, FL. He started playing hockey at a young age, and of course his first goal was to make the NHL. His love for the sport eventually found himself playing for the Dubuque Fighting Saints. In the 2015-16 season, he registered 8 goals, and 17 assists for a total of 25 points in 39 games played. Solow showed his range and his vision of the ice. With his nifty skills that season, just exactly who is this young phenom?

I’m a hardworker, and I never stop working. I constantly go to the gym to get stronger. So, that’s one thing I will never stop doing is working. I just want to stay consistent. I want to be a huge asset to a team, so I have to get bigger.”

The Dubuque Fighting Saints product, Solow had a stellar 2016-17 campaign with the Fighting Saints. He registered 18 goals, and 51 assists for a total of 69 points in 56 games played. Solow really solidified his status for the upcoming NHL Draft in 2017. So who got this young classy involved into hockey in his childhood? His answer was quite genuine, and really showed his true inner self.

My dad got me involved into the sport of hockey. He is from Boston, and up there hockey is a big thing. I wanted to play hockey because of him, as he was a big inspiration for me to the sport of hockey. He’s everything I could imagine in a father, and I really look up to him, he has always treated me well.”

At age 18, Solow has become a solid two way player for the Fighting Saints. He plays in all situations the coaches ask of him, and he appears to be a team player. This is exactly the prototype player the Flyers could use. So, who helped him develop into the player he is today to make his dream a reality?

My old junior coach Erik Largen helped me a lot. He really taught me how the game should be played. He taught me a two way game, not just one way. The game is more than a one way game. My first goal when I was younger was to make the NHL. That’s all you really think about. But, then as you get older you realize that dream may not come true.

Solow continued on, “Then your goal is to play college hockey. After college hockey, you start to envision playing in the NHL. That is my ultimate goal right now. I want to go to a team that appreciates that. Hopefully my work ethic helps me over other people.”

Solow has a ritual that is unlike many players. He really is a true American, and he is very prideful to be a part of this great nation.

I wear two wristbands while I play. They are very dear to me. One wristband is Go Army, and the other is Support our troops. After the Star Spangled Banner, I kiss both of my wrists (Pause).

For fans who may not know him, Solow really is what a hockey player is all about. He knows he may only have one shot to make this a long career. Solow has a good choice of words to the fans of the city that selects him.

Expect a great character, and a person who does not stop working. Also, I want to get involved into the community because it helps people. To the fans be ready cause I’m coming. I’m not going to take this opportunity for granted. I’m just going to have fun so get ready (Laughing).”

One thing is certain after conducting this interview with Solow. He will definitely be on the Flyers radar in the third round. Solow demonstrates professionalism and this cannot be taught. His work ethic has paid off, and it gave him a nice pair of hockey hands.

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Mandatory Photo Credit: Hickling Images